2017: The Best Year Ever

Dear Friends and Supporters, we just had a meeting to review our achievements in 2017 and plan strategies for 2018.

With your support, our rescue center has successfully rehabilitate the biggest number of animal since day one, not to mention the positive changes we brought to the new generation in the first season of VNCP.

So what's next?

2018 will witness some big events of SVW as we planed to expand more both in current expertise with pangolins and small carnivores and new area including interactive education methods and working directly with rangers on habitat protection.

As always, we wish to have your support in all of these efforts.

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Our babies grew and grew

Kim turned one

Last month, Kim just turned one, marking a full year with many experiences and lessons learned in hand-raising pangolins for us.

After a year, from a tiny fragile orphan, Kim is now a strong, healthy and active pangolin that make every hearts melt on sight. 

And this is the best news: we are prepare her to be ready for her release this year. 

A young leopard cat saved

Earlier on December, a local in Hanoi contacted us to voluntarily hand over the Leopard cat he received as a birthday gift. 

The young cat was a little skinny back then but will gain a better shape in no time under the care of our keepers.

This case only shred a bright light of hope about raising awareness and changing attitude of Vietnamese toward wildlife conservation issues. 

Mr.B says hi

Mr. B - our beloved binturong - is really happy these days as he keeps getting carrots and potatoes from the kids coming to our center via VNCP trips. 

He was also adopted last month by several animal lovers from all over the world.

Long-term animals play an important role in our center: to help tell the stories of illegal hunting and trading, to inspire people to change and to raise their voices about wildlife.

You can express your support by sponsoring one!

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Education: we've got help

A girl from UK to join the effort

Meet Emily Endorf - our new voice from UK to help spread the words about saving pangolins.

After the special trip visiting our pangolins, Emily promised to come back her country with an important message to share with her friends and family members: to protect wildlife.

Update on VPCP season 2

Despite the cold, the kids fully participate in our educative activities from mini games, simple dances to short walks in forest and especially visiting the rescued binturongs and civets.

Up to now, the season 2 has run 31 trip, brought more than 800 kids to our center and gave them the warmest time of the winter. 

Research: working togehter

Building extra-curriculum for elementary students

On a workshop run by Humane Society International, our team had chance to share the results from The Social Research involving relationship between adults consuming behaviors and their children's influences.

Even more, we contribute our input to the plan of building a new extra-curriculum for national elementary school in order to help raise awareness about wildlife conservation.

Reaching out to Taipei Zoo

On December, our research team also made it to Taipei Zoo to learn about their saving pangolin plans. We also had chance to join a field trip to witness how our colleagues were doing with their gears. Knowledge shared, experience exchanged, we came back to Vietnam with happy smiles. 

See you again, Taiwan people and pangolins :)

Thank you!

We could never say enough. Without your continuous supports, we could not achieve as much as we did.

Much love from Vietnam!


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Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust

Newquay Zoo

Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V

Wildlife Conservation Network

Humane Society International

Nashville Zoo

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund

Olsen Animal Trust



Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Future For Nature

Synchronicity Earth

The Biodiversity Foundation

Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative

OAK Foundation

The Zoological Society of London

Highlands Coffee

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