Renowned Kimberley artist celebrates release of book

[by Xenica Ayling]

Shirley Purdie: My Story, Ngaginybe Jarragbe is the first book in the Kimberley Arts Series, and introduces children to the diverse stories and extraordinary talent of Kimberley Aboriginal visual artists.

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Comedy series All My Friends Are Racist heading in to production

[by Lidia Williams]

All My Friends Are Racist follows two Zoomer best friends who make a pact to call their racist friends out, but instead of causing a revolution… they themselves get cancelled.

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Arnhem Land's Maliwawa rock art a remarkable glimpse into Indigenous life 10000 years ago

[The Guardian]

Long-extinct creatures and animal-human relationships are depicted in previously undescribed rock art style found in more than 570 paintings at 87 rock shelters.

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Dhiiyaan Centre to continue digital preservation of Moree's rich Aboriginal history

[Sophie Harris, Moree Champion]

The funding will allow the staff to create a local digital Aboriginal Keeping Place, which Dhiiyaan Aboriginal Centre collections development officer Raquel Clarke said is vital in preserving this invaluable history.

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