In this issue, we bring you news on an adaptive shading system, carrots in concrete, inflated steel, and more...

Hello and welcome to the August Issue of the Materials for Architecture Newsletter

In this issue, we bring you news on an adaptive shading system, carrots in concrete, inflated steel, and more...

From pine cones to an adaptive shading system

An adjustable shading system that adapts itself independently over the course of the day, without sensors or motors and largely maintenance-free? It really is possible: Chiara Vailati, an ETH doctoral student at the Institute for Building Materials, has developed an alternative to motor-driven sunshades using bilayered wooden planks.  Read more...
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3D printing presents multi industry opportunities

The recent broadening in knowledge and understanding about 3D printing and additive manufacture have generated new business ideas and opportunities ranging from home hobby machines to printing buildings on other planets. Andrew Watts, CEO of international Building Engineers Newtecnic, reveals some exciting options. Read more...
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Twisting skyscraper with glass facades to become Australia's tallest building

Beulah International has announced that ‘Green Spine’, the design proposal submitted by UNStudio with Cox Architecture, has been selected as the winning design for Southbank by Beulah. The proposal features geometric glass facades and is integrally organised by one big detail: a ‘green spine’ of vertically networked platforms, terraces and verandas. Read more...
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RIBA calls for a comprehensive ban on combustible materials

The RIBA has submitted evidence to the Government’s consultation on banning the use of combustible materials in the external walls of high-rise residential buildings. After a lengthy investigation, the Institute has concluded that a ban on combustible materials is the only way to ensure that our buildings are safe and fit for the future. Read more...
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NAWA pavilion made from inflated steel arches

The NAWA pavilion, designed by Oskar Zięta, is an ultra light construction made with FiDU, a technology that inflates steel elements with compressed air. The metal forms become durable and stable, while remaining relatively light. The technique requires just one thousandth of the pressure needed for internal high-pressure forming. Read more...
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Carrots could be key to stronger concrete

Concrete mixtures could be strengthened by adding nanoparticles extracted from carrots and other root vegetables, research currently underway at England's Lancaster University suggests. Preliminary tests found that "nano platelets" sourced from the fibres of these vegetables "significantly improved" the strength of concrete, and at a low cost. Read more...
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Shortlist announced for Brick Awards 2018

The 2018 Brick Awards - showcasing the very best examples of clay brick in the UK’s built environment - beat its record number of entries with 332 projects entering the prestigious competition. A 42-year legacy has celebrated myriad bold and interesting architecture, this year “again demonstrating an extraordinary calibre of projects” said the organisers. Read more...
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NASA reveals winners of 3D-printed mars habitat competition

NASA has selected the five winning designs in the latest stage of its 3D-printed habitat competition, including a pod inspired by the anatomy of a spider and vertical egg-like container. teams were challenged to come up with a solution that tackled the issues of transporting materials to mars, considering differences in atmosphere and landscape on the red planet. Read more...
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