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  • Firstly a big shout out to you wonderful people for supporting Bodywise.
  • Menopause - get your individually prescribed herbal tonic - the research backs up our choices of cool herbs for a hot you.
  • If you get liquid herbs - Please read the update from the herbal dispensary.
  • Gifts with purchase from Living Nature and Dr Hauschka
  • Collagen - yes for healthy strong bodies!

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Bridget, Kitty and Sally

Make Menopause a Cool Transition

During the 40 - 50”s many women lead rich yet hectic lives, managing children and grandparent needs, along with their partners, work and more.

Finding time for their body and soul may come last.

Any wonder women can feel stressed, hot and bothered.

Enter Menopause!

Yes, it is a natural process but for too many women it is no fun. Herbs are here to help!

There are many well researched herbs and specific supplements to help women regain balance and sleep during this huge change in your life.

Our Naturopaths have been helping women find relief from the hot flushes, mood changes, palpitations, insomnia and weight gain (just to name a few of the symptoms) for years!

There is no one product or herb that is useful for all women. We need to find out how your body is experiencing this transition and what other health issues you have. Then we choose the right herbs and supplements for you.

If you have a specific question surrounding menopause flick us an email here.

Contact Us

or come in and chat to our Bodywise team to work out the best solution for you. It may not be the same as your friend or neighbour! 

Read more on our approach to Menopause
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Bridget mixes herbs Monday to Friday
Herbal Dispensary Update

All our ready to go supplements and herbal tonics are good to go on Saturdays.


If you need a new script or a refill of your liquid herbs please plan ahead!  Bridget works Monday to Friday.

To order - go to our contact page with your request from Monday to Midday on Friday.  We need plenty of time to make up your herbs ready for pick up anytime, or on Saturday (9.30-1pm)

Thanks to Covid19 some herbs are not always available The joy of the herbal dispensary is that we can substitute herbs and supplements to suit each person. How awesome is that!

Also - In the interest of re-cycling of your bottles, please bring them in, hopefully after you have popped them through your dishwasher.

Thank you for your understanding.

Re-Order Herbal Tonics
Collagen and Healthy Ageing

It seems kind of scary, but the natural process of ageing begins in early adulthood!.  Over the years, changes to our mind and body, both internally and externally impact the way we look and feel.

Because collagen plays an important role in many changes, supporting the body’s natural collagen production may help support healthy ageing.

NeoCell delivers the therapeutic dose (6.6g) of collagen to promote healthy hair, skin, nails, joint and internal tissues. 

We and our customers rate our choice of collagen supplementation with its 2 decades of research, to counter ageing, by maintaining healthy strong bodies inside and out.

If you are prone to serious aches and pains in your joints you may want to check out our Collagen and the wonderful Move Matrix - which helps reduce joint soreness and inflammation. - if in doubt ask Sally.

What is collagen? Find out more

Come and try out our natural skincare and makeup.

Like so many woman who are looking for natural skincare and makeup, you want to try it first.

We love our ranges and use them with confidence.

Living Nature colours for all NZ Women
Gifts with Purchase

Nestled in the beauty of the Bay of Islands, is the home of Living Nature, New Zealand's first natural skincare company 

Their mission is to create skin care that will nourish, protect and repair without using harsh chemicals and harness the amazing qualities of many our native plants.

Ingredients such as Harakeke Flax Gel, Totarol, Manuka, Clay, and Kelp are packed with properties that nourish, heal and purify! 

From moisturizers to foundations Living Nature will give your skin the love it deserves and the look you love.

15 years later we are still in love with Dr Hauschka Skincare & Makeup
Gift with Purchase

We have a few of these great packs, limited to 1 per Dr Hauschka lover.

Spend $120 to get your free gift.

And you will get a pack with your favourite cleansers and toners in a half size for those weekends away in our great outdoors.

They have also included the devine Melissa Day cream.

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You may have noticed a new face at Bodywise.
Meet our Nutritionist, Kitty Cleary

We are very pleased to have Kitty join us at Bodywise. After graduating from Otago with a degree in Human Nutrition she is following with a diploma in Herbal Medicine. Kitty is passionate about all things natural health, well-being & fitness 🥑 

Kitty will guide you to the ideal nutritional supplements and appropriate skincare, so come and chat with her from midday Monday to Friday.

Bridget is a respected naturopath, just ask anyone who has been helped by her knowledge and skill.
Bridget our Naturopath and Herbalist

We all love her wonderful clarity and ability to create herbal tinctures and health plans for our Bodywise community. 

Bridget has treated a wide range of health conditions in her 5 years at Bodywise and has many really happy clients.

Get to know Bridget

or phone Bodywise 03 5468611

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