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#02 "Moral of the story"

Issue #02 is finally here! Thanks for the wait, !

Image melancholic intro

Ah, didn't mean to start with such a melancholic image intro, sorry about that! The title is actually referring to something more positive further down. But I sure as hell would be lying if I said that getting this whole newsletter thing rolling was a breeze! Truth is, I had to deal with a lot of obstacles, leading me to expressions similiar to the one above.

(You can just skip the next paragraph to avoid my rant though :P)

Some of them include the signup form malfunctioning every now and then. So I switched from sendinblue to ConvertKit. And wow, the signup form seems to look great! However, it could not be resized, and while looking great on desktop, the slide-in form was too big for the smartphone. And writing the newsletter itself, well, the editor in the free version isn't exactly impressive to say the least.

Buuut, here we are!

I finally found a fitting tool which is MailerLite and made it all work. So here we go, let's switch to a happy image and start for real ;D

image happy
What I have been up to

Well, let's just say I have been overjoyed (disregarding the aforementioned struggles). I launched the website on April 4th, 2020 at around 11pm. And my gosh, the reception and support was overwhelming! I have received such kind words that I was simply in awe. Thank you yet again! My site has garnered over 500 views and 150 unique visitors as of April 9th, which far exceeded my expectations!

And the moral of the story?

Never underestimate the potential outcome! One may think

"Hm, maybe I should start a website...but eehh, why would anyone care? It would be wasted effort, let's rather not!" .

But welp, little did he/she know how many people are out there, who are potential visitors and potentially, new fans. Now, of course, it's not that easy and simple. If you are aiming for success, you need to do the work, a lot of work. Particularly, you need to invest time in things that are beyond the basics. Like learning about new tools and strategies and refining the little details.

And get ready for temporary despair!

So I did what I ought to do, I researched about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), learned the fundamentals of Digital Marketing through the Google Digital Workshop and used various tools and strategies. Overcoming the many obstacles, seemingly small and yet important, was just an inevitable part of the process.

Analytics April 09, 2020 - over 530 views, whoa
Analytics from 06 April 2020
Analytics April 09, 2020
Impossible List Progress

Here are some updates on my progress regarding my Impossible List.

my skateboard ollie progress video thumbnail

After two weeks of delay, my skateboard finally arrived. And thus, the journey of skateboarding commenced. I have tried to practice regularly and I think I am progressing relatively fast, doing a stationary Ollie in a matter of days. There were actually a few cool moments of encountering people (in a distance of course). Once, a girl was trying to teach her little brother the Ollie, not far from me, and so we exchanged some words. Another time, two small children were in their house's garden watching me. Then they saw me do an Ollie. They were so excited they kept saying how "cool" I was. Sure felt good being able to inspire them!
(click on picture for 1min progress video)

duolingo stats
Habit Goal
"Practice Spanish & Japanese for 30 days"

I have used some language learning app in the past, but never tried Duolingo. I gotta say, it's kinda fun. I studied Spanish in school for about 5 years, so it's pretty easy to "speedrun" a lesson and get XP. Japanese is getting harder though.

If you use Duolingo too, feel free to connect with me. We will both get more motivation this way.

Just search for a Patrick Choi with my profile picture.

Quote of the week

"Act always as if the fate of the universe depended on what you did, while laughing at yourself for thinking that anything you do makes any difference at all."

-A Buddhist saying

This concludes this issue! Hope you like it! I definitely have some other ideas I'd like to include in the next one, so don't worry about that. However, since this is only my second issue, the first one being more of an introduction to the website, I really want to hear your opinion on what to improve! 

I have a little survey for you down below where you can help me out. Much appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

- Patrick

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itsmrpatrick_"Well, hello there!" Surprise! Some of you already know, but I have been working really hard on this project of mine for the past month: Building a personal website! Despite the immense effort and struggles to fix technical issues and (SEO) optimize the site etc, it has been a fun and worthwhile journey I'd say! Please please check out the site [] (link also in bio) and give me some feedback! Much appreciated! 🙏🙏 Oh, and if you subscribe to my newsletter on the homepage down below, you are awesome! 🎉 📷 by @lisawrl (July 2019) #website #webdesign
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