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I would rather live precariously in my own
office than comfortably in somebody else’s.

~ Peter Mayle

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Postcard From Barbara
Need More Evidence?

Postcard from Barbara

It’s fund-raising week again on my public radio station which is based in Los Angeles. This morning, they were reading contributor comments and several of them almost made me weep.

What was so sad about them? They all mentioned how much they appreciated the company of public radio during their long commutes. Several of them said they spent three hours a day driving to and from work.

While I share their affection for public radio, I can’t imagine spending fifteen hours a week on crowded freeways. In fact, I’d rather invest those fifteen hours in creating and building something of my own.

I know that’s not news, but I also know there are many readers of this mailing who are strapping on their seatbelt five days a week. A few tools and a bit of encouragement could change all that.

In fact, if you’re within driving distance, you could join me for my upcoming Joyfully Jobless Weekend in Sacramento on April 7 & 8. You might come away with an experience like the one Kimber Smith-Fidler shared this morning on Facebook.

She wrote, “I have a fond memory of you and Sacramento. I drove from Orange County to Sacramento when I saw you (my favorite author of inspirational "how to" of all time) were doing a LEX course there. I stayed for both courses, and on the way home drove to every Long's Drug and Target in Sacramento looking for an audio tape recorder and cassette tapes so I could record all the new ideas I had in my head. I had 2 full tapes' worth of ideas when I got back to my home, 7 1/2 hours later.”

Here’s where you can find the details on Making a Living Without a Job, Establish Yourself as an Expert and I Hate Marketing by checking out the Learning Exchange website.

Need More Evidence?

In a recent article from Entrepreneur magazine, Jay Meistrich shared his story. He writes, “Three years ago, I left San Francisco, sold and gave away everything I owned, and moved into a 40-liter backpack.

 “I traveled to 47 countries, went to every Disneyland in the world, saw the Aurora Borealis in Norway, skied in the French Alps, played on a Japanese island covered in bunnies, bashed people with plastic hammers at the São João festival, and saw my favorite hip hop group perform in an ancient Roman colosseum.

“I also built and launched a startup.

“Two years ago, I wrote that I was traveling because it’s cheaper, more productive and better for my social life.

“ Now after three years of traveling full-time while building Moo.do, I’m more confident than ever that a nomadic lifestyle is an effective way to live while building a company.”

He goes on to list all the benefits of his new lifestyle. It’s an impressive (and encouraging) list. Read more here.

Buon Viaggio,  

Barbara Winter

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