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Sheep and two lambs playing
Welcome to the spring newsletter

Hello   and welcome to the spring newsletter from 3 Valley Vegans. It’s that time of year when we see lambs in the fields – families like the one pictured. While they are lovely to see we know that their futures, sadly, are bleak. One of the odder arguments to be seen against veganism is “If people didn’t eat meat you wouldn’t get to see cute lambs in the fields”. It’s hard to know where to start with an answer to that!

Coming up in this newsletter:

  • News from Sacred Space about male chicks they have rescued from a school hatching project.
  • A campaign to increase plant-based food in school meals. 3 Valley Vegans members have been taking action in Calderdale and Bradford.
  • Liz brings us a fascinating article about the microbiome.
  • The impact of feeding our carnivorous companion animals and some good news about the prospects of avoiding slaughterhouse products before long.
  • Seaspiracy – the Netflix blockbuster that has had many people vowing never to eat fish again.
  • A link to a petition calling for the catering at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow to be plant-based.
  • An interview with the editors of a new book: “Rethinking Food and Agriculture”.
  • A diary date for you – the Great Big Green Week, 18-26 September – can you help with 3 Valley Vegans’ contribution?
  • News of a hospital in Lebanon that serves only plant-based food.

As restrictions ease, we hope to be able to resume some of our normal activities later in the year. We’ll keep you informed via future newsletters, our website and our Facebook page.

Best wishes,

Myra and 3 Valley Vegans

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Recently hatched chicks
Sacred Space vegan cafe and bird rescue

The lovely people at Sacred Space run a fantastic vegan café in Albert Street, Hebden Bridge (Friday-Sunday) and are raising funds to buy property to allow them to expand their work. The café is undoubtedly the go-to place for a superb vegan burger or, on Frydays, delicious phish and chips. 

A recent rescue was 11 cockerel chicks from a school hatching project. If they had been returned to the company that supplied the eggs they would have been killed. Like all male chicks they are surplus to requirements. Schools should be discouraged from taking part in these cruel projects. The children are probably unaware of the fate of the chicks they have nurtured. The chicks have now been re-homed at Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary. 

If you would like to support Sacred Space, take a look at their Patreon fund raiser.

Image:  Sacred Space used with permission

Apple with words 'School meals matter'
Feed our Future: providing meat-free and plant-based school meal options for all

Sometimes it can seem hard enough to get a school just to provide vegan meals for vegan pupils. Many parents have faced this battle. Feed Our Future aims to go much further than this. Working with ProVeg UK and Plant-based Health Professionals, the campaign wants schools to have two meat-free days every week and offer attractive plant-based options on the other three days. Asking for two meat-free days per week doesn’t display lack of ambition – it’s all that’s possible under the current School Food Standards, which require meat to be served three days per week, dairy five days per week and fish once every three weeks. 

Read more about Feed our Future in West Yorkshire
You and your gut microbiome

Did you know that there are as many microorganisms living inside and on you as there are cells in your entire body? That means that half of your body is made up of other living beings – microorganisms - which are so small that they can only been seen through a microscope.

Everyone’s microbiome is unique to them with different numbers and types of microorganisms; some of which are good for you and some are not.

We asked our nutritionist Liz Readle to tell us more.

Image by Geralt via Pixabay

Read Liz's post about your microbiome
Cat eating
Feeding our feline friends

Any vegan who lives with a cat faces this dilemma. Cats are obligate carnivores who are designed as efficient killing machines. And yet we love them. They are graceful, characterful and fiercely independent while demanding our attention on their terms. Anyone who lives with a cat will understand the saying “Dogs have owners, cats have staff”! 

Many vegans do, nonetheless, successfully raise cats to healthy old age on vegan diets, and vegan cat food containing the requisite amount of taurine is available. However, this doesn’t work for all cats and often there is no escaping buying meat/fish-based cat food. 

To a lesser extent the same applies to dogs. Although they are omnivores that can manage well on a plant-based diet they are hunters by nature and love to eat meat.  

The quantity of meat consumed by the world’s pet cats and dogs makes them significant contributors to the climate change consequences of meat production. What’s more, as cat and dog food contains parts of the animals that are not included in products intended for humans, pet food production helps to make the meat production business more profitable. It’s really not something we want to be part of as vegans. 

However, help is on the way. Two US companies plan to market pet food made from cultured meat. Perhaps even better for cat and dog slaves in this country, Mars Petcare plans to launch cat food made from insect larvae later this spring. It’s not vegan, but probably preferable to the slaughterhouse products currently fed to cats. Finally, vegan cat food containing the requisite amount of taurine is available (eg from Veggie Pets or Amì).

Photo by Felice Wölke on Unsplash

New 'Seaspiracy' movie launched on Netflix: can fishing ever really be considered 'sustainable'?

Seaspiracy examines the global fishing industry, challenging notions of sustainable fishing and showing how human actions cause widespread environmental destruction.

This new movie is fast getting attention, have you seen it yet?

Sign the petition to make the UK government take action

Watch Seaspiracy on Netflix
Petition: Make the catering at the Glasgow 2021 UN Climate Change Conference plant-based

The 2019 IPCC report 'Climate Change and Land' notes that a shift towards a plant-based diet can offer significant benefits in mitigating climate change. We are asking the UK Government as hosts of the Conference to show their commitment to the conference aims by making the food offered plant-based.

Sign the petition
Inspiring interview with authors of new book: 'Rethinking Food and Agriculture'

Watch an inspiring interview hosted by the Vegan Organic Network: Rethinking Food and Agriculture, New Ways Forward. Dr Laila Kassam and Tony Martin

The book ‘Rethinking Food and Agriculture is edited by Laila Kassam (Animal Think Tank) and Amir Kassam (University of Reading) with chapters from a range of academics and activists. The book highlights the urgent need to ‘rethink’ the food and agriculture system and highlights ‘new ways forward’, including alternative paradigms of agriculture, human nutrition and political economy that are more ethical, sustainable and just.

Read more and watch the interview
The Great Big Green Week graphic
Great Big Green Week, 18-26 September: be a part of it!

The Great Big Green Week, organised by the Climate Coalition, is to take place 18 - 26 September and it is hoped that it will be the largest event for climate and nature ever seen in the UK. Local groups will come together to hold events such as community stalls, tree planting, nature walks, climate cafes and art installations, in fact any activity likely to raise awareness of the effects of climate change.

What an opportunity then for 3 Valley Vegans to demonstrate the negative impact of animal agriculture on the world's climate. Raising animals for food is a leading source of greenhouse gases and air pollutants and is the most common cause of deforestation.Living a vegan lifestyle diet is therefore crucial to helping halt the the climate crisis facing our planet.

If you have ideas and want to help with an event, contact us.

Read more about Great Big Green Walk
pitta bread with shredded substitute for meat
World's first vegan hospital: Lebanon's Hayek Centre becomes first to serve only plant-based food

Hayek Hospital, a family-owned private centre in Beirut, has gone 100% vegan in a world’s first. The hospital will no longer serve its patients meat and dairy, and will instead replace its menu with a number of healthy plant-based dishes in alignment with existing scientific data evidencing the wide range of health benefits associated with a plant-forward diet.

Image: Green Queen

Read more about the hospital only serving vegan food
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UPDATED! Local eating and shopping guides

Eating out and shopping can be tricky when you're vegan, especially when just starting out. To make things a little easier, we have compiled a list of vegan-friendly eateries and shops in Calderdale:

View our Guide to Eating Out in Calderdale

View our Vegan Friendly Calderdale Shopping Guide

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