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Free 6 day challenge 4th-9th January 2021

Take part in the 6 day challenge- CONNECT TO CALM

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. How would you like to get back control over your life, sleep better and tap into your personal power to make a change?

  • You'd like to meet other like-minded people, share how you feel and learn some tools to connect to your inner strength.
  • Perhaps you’re drawn to yoga and meditation but have never had the chance to try it properly.
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Start 2021 with more energy!  We will share techniques to help you connect to your inner calm so that you can start to make healthier choices and begin to feel empowered. 

Imagine if ....

  • you could let go of worrying about pleasing all the people all the time.
  • you learned how to make more time for yourself, move out of your comfort zone and experience something new. 
  •  you felt inspired by others around you who know how you've been feeling.

I want to find out more.

Every year

We want to improve our health and live better but once we're back juggling all the things we need to do, it's easy to fall back into our old ways. That's why doing this with others is a great way to ensure your success. 


  • you think yoga is only for a certain type of person, the young and the flexible. 
  • you're not sure how this fits into your life. 
  • you don't feel you've got  time for self care! 

These techniques are for everybody, whatever your age, shape, size or level of  flexibility.  It takes just 20 mins a day. Your friends can join too! It's totally free and I'll be guiding you through every step. 

How will I access this?
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I'll send you an email and also go live on Facebook. with something new every day from Monday to Friday. On the Saturday you can join my online class. There will also be a Facebook group to join which should inspire you. It's the perfect to way get started.

What if...

"I'm feeling too tired."

You can do this challenge whenever you want but know that all the techniques will bring you more energy.

''I haven't got enough time."

It's only 20 mins a day and you can do it whenever it fit in with your day.

"I don't like Facebook."

You'll get regular emails, a workbook and access to videos and don't have to contribute to the Facebook group if it's not for you.

"I think yoga's really hard."

You might see people on Instagram bending themselves into shapes that look impossible for a normal body! Don't worry- that's not what we'll be doing.

Learn more here.
What people say...
Well structured

Ellie is a great teacher. Her sessions cater for a wide range of skills and abilities. The classes are well structured and build on different techniques each week.

Less pain and stress

Since starting the sessions, I have far less pain in my back, shoulders and neck and I’m also feeling less stressed! It’s a real benefit.

Useful breathing techniques

I feel the breathing techniques Ellie has been teaching are really useful to practise at my desk if I have a moment to spare during a busy work day or around a deadline to control stress / re-focus.

Tools to calm my anxiety

I look forward to my session with Ellie each week now and it benefits me by increasing my flexibility and strength, particularly given that I have osteoarthritis in my knee and neck, and gives me tools I can use to calm my anxiety.

The most enjoyable

I've been to several classes over the years and Ellie's have been by far the most enjoyable She is knowledgeable and helpful and provides guidance and adjustments to each student as needed. She makes everyone feel welcome with her warmth and genuine interest and I leave every week feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Super friendly

I never start new hobbies on my own so I was a bit nervous but Ellie (and all of the group)  are super friendly and welcoming. I’ve been going now most weeks for a year and it’s such a lovely class. Ellie is a fantastic yoga teacher.

Very welcoming

Ellie is very welcoming and is more than happy to adapt yoga positions if your body can’t manage them.

Lots of variety

Lots of variety & challenges. Helps keep me calm & positive throughout the week.... Great sessions, very welcoming.

I'm interested.
About me...

Hello, my name is Eleanor Chitham... 

  • Over 30 years in education
  • Certified Yoga Teacher with YogaCampus
  • Certified in mindfulness with Michael Stone 
  • Specialised in Restorative Yoga (Relax and Renew with Judith Lasater) and Beginners Yoga 
  • Trained in  Qi Gong for Yoga teachers with Mimi Kuo-Deemer 
  • Yoga Nidra and Visualisation
  • Rieki 2

My sessions are often themed around natural elements and the seasons as I love to be outdoors in nature.

I understand what it is like to have a stressful job, to be a single parent and to suffer from chronic migraines, as I have had all these experiences. I also now know what it is like to be in an older body! Yoga has changed how I feel about life and I hope to share that with you.

Yes, I'll take the challenge! Sign me up.
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