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May 2020 newsletter

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Presidential ponderings

Oxfordshire Supply Runs

Club ride routes competition winners

New members

A look back - BSCC 2002 Road Race

Film Club

BSCC Zwift 

Club kit for summer

Possible club 2020 events 

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Presidential ponderings

This time last month we were wondering how cycling would be impacted by the enforced restrictions on group meetings and essential travel following the outbreak of Coronavirus. Since then the situation has become a lot clearer (for England anyway) and we now understand just what is and isn't permissible. The result, and not just for BSCC, is a shutdown of almost all club life, all rides, time trials and road races.

One bonus of being able to ride during the lockdown has been the significant reduction in traffic and when coupled with a rather pleasant Spring has made for memorable riding conditions.

Back in April we were also wondering what we could do as a club to help out in the community and thirty five members responded to to a request to say they were keen to join a scheme that would deliver prescriptions out into the community. I'm incredibly proud of what we as a club and as individuals have accomplished since then but more of that a bit further down this page. 

That good weather we've been experiencing would have resulted in full fields of 60 riders for our Wednesday time trials. These are of course on hold under direction from Cycling Time Trials, the governing body. Their ban on events has been extended to Tuesday 30th June, a date which will no doubt be under considerable scrutiny in the near future.

So until we get the all-clear to resume normal club life please keep your cycling solo or in family groups only, keep fit, stay healthy and be considerate.


Oxfordshire Supply Runs

Oxfordshire Supply Runs (we try not to call it drug running, it's a bit too emotive a title for cyclists and runners) is the initiative co-ordinated by Cherwell District Council that we, along with Banbury Harriers Athletics Club, have joined to deliver medical prescriptions to the people of Banbury and the outlying villages who are considered to be clinically vulnerable, part of the "Shielded" group or who are self-isolating.

We work with 11 pharmacies which are split between the two clubs but do share deliveries where the distance is too far for the runners. To say the scheme has become popular is an understatement. As of 30th April here are some statistics of what we've been up to:

Number of prescriptions delivered: 329 representing over 1400 items

Miles ridden: 1135

Altitude climbed: 50835'

Longest ride: 30.7 miles

Heaviest prescription: 6kg

Dave Tew (L) and Mel Seale (R)

The feedback we receive from those we deliver to is what makes the effort worthwhile: the smiles, the comments, the thumbs-up plus the satisfaction from knowing we've made a difference to people who were otherwise worried as to how their medication could be delivered. It means those shielded are not unnecessarily exposing themselves to the virus.

The media interest in the club was also completely unexpected with president Paul Dean being asked for many interviews by press, TV and radio. Our club has received very wide coverage as an unintended  consequence of the scheme.

The delivery scheme is going to continue during May and June as the travel restrictions remain in place so if you'd like to join in and help, no matter how few hours you can spare, please enter your details using this form. 

British Cycling video on Twitter
British Cycling article

Mike Gillett (L) and Jo Abbott (R)

Yes I want to help, sign me up

New club ride routes - the winners

Last month we announced a competition to design some routes for club rides that we could use when normal cycling resumes. It's clear there are some evil members out there judging by the hills they included in their entries!

So with the promise of Hook Norton beer to each of the winners here are the rides:

1) Gentle Cafe Ride: Stan Morgan

Garmin link

2) Intermediate Ride: Tobi Ng

Garmin link

3) Fast Ride: Lee Heron

Garmin link

Thank you to those who took the time to create new routes, they'll be added to the website in the coming days in readiness for when we can try them out as proper club rides.


In the meantime, if you need some inspiration for your solo rides, we've got hundreds of routes plotted in Garmin Connect ready and waiting here:

Club ride library

2020 Membership renewal details

We warmly welcome back to the club those who joined Banbury Star during April and also to Danny Brooks who is a new member.

All rejoining members should have now received their 2020 membership cards. Please remember to complete your emergency contact details and any medical issues on the back of the card and also bring it along on club rides.

Subscriptions and any other payments to the club should now be paid direct to our Nat West account.

Sort code = 53-61-33

Account = 65953886

Having now moved entirely to online banking no more cheques or cash will be accepted for membership or payment for club events. 

Please note: The online Membership Form must be completed for all existing members when renewing membership. The joys of GDPR compliance!

Renew Membership

A look back - BSCC 2002 Road Race

With the cancellation of the club's annual road race, which would've taken place at the end of this month, we thought we'd look back at our first race on the current course. That took place nineteen years ago on Sunday 9th June 2002. Three laps has remained the distance, but for the first 4 or 5 years, there was just the one race.

The previous course, known as the Cavalcade Road Race, was quite central and used Queensway before heading out into the country. It started in 1970, but stopped in 1981, due to a lean time for cycling and a serious lack of club members, which dropped to around 60, with only about half of whom rode bikes, Around the millennium the club enjoyed a bit of a resurgence and a group of  about 10 members got the club back road racing again.

A prime mover in all this was a certain Mr Keri Williams, who along with another member Paul Gibson, devised the current course. To quote Keri "We debated long and hard about the number of laps to run - 3 or 4. I was still racing then so rode a test ride, found 3 laps OK, but had to stop at the top of Edge hill after lap 4 to be sick, so we kept it at 3"

Keri was also race organiser for that first race (and the following 5 or 6) and managed to attract an excellent entry of 90 riders, with only 60 permitted to start. Five Star riders were entered, Gary Crook, Paul Gibson, Chris Lawrence, Neil Simpson and Simon Kisley, with Neil the best finisher in 10th place. An extract from the Banbury Guardian's race report of 13th June 2002 is below, together with a photo. Spot the real Star.

Blacker reigns in the wet

Phil Blacker won Bluestone Banbury road race on Sunday and the major share of the £300 prize fund.

Sponsored by regional construction company Bluestone and organised by Banbury Star Cyclists' Club, the event saw riders tackle one of the toughest race courses in the country.

Based on 3 laps of a circuit taking in the 14 percent gradient climb of the Knowle and finishing just outside Horley village.

The event proved very popular and the 60 places were soon filled, but the poor weather deterred some competitors leaving 54 to line up for the 9.30am start.

Blacker (Wyre Forest) took the race in 1hr. 58m. 35s. ahead of junior Matthew Holliday and Robert Jackson in third.

Race organiser Keri Williams was delighted with the event. "The riders put on a real show, open, attacking, exciting riding and a race that had a little of everything", he commented.


Next month we plan to try and uncover more details on the Cavalcade Road Race

Film club

So you've feasted on Netflix box sets and have exhausted the collective content of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Brittbox so what next?

To help get through lockdown and also provide members with some kind of cycling entertainment Dave Pittman will be posting details of bike-related films on our Facebook group for viewing on YouTube.

Get the popcorn in, along with refreshments and enjoy dipping into the cycling archives.

BSCC Zwift continues

The regular weekly Zwift turbo session have now become very popular in the current situation. Organised by Mark Boyles, joining details will continue to be posted on the club's Facebook group page.

So, for those of you who want to know what Zwift is all about, Mark  has written a blog to explain. The link below takes you straight there.

Zwift blog

Don't forget the blog

A great blog on the C2C ride undertaken by six members last summer swiftly followed our request last month for more blogs. We'd love to read more though, so if you've now got the time, let's here your cycling story or adventure. Email the blogger via the link below.

email blogger

Club riding kit - Summer's coming

Although club rides are on hold we can still order short sleeve jerseys and bib shorts. However remember, we need to get 5 orders for any one garment,regardless of size, or men's or women's fit, before an order can be opened placed with Endura.

Full details of club kit are on the club website. Dave Speck currently holds a small stock listed below:

Ladies Short sleeve jersey - Small
Men’s Short sleeve jersey - Large
Men’s short Sleeve jerseys - Medium

Contact Dave Speck
How to order club kit

Weekend Club Rides - current situation

As with anything related to group cycling, it's now on the back burner until the pandemic is deemed to be over but here's a reminder of what you can look forward to in the coming months.

Five weekend club rides are now held, please make sure you pick the one to suit your ability and speed.

Have a look at the club's website and Facebook group for details of the rides, all of which have downloadable Garmin maps:

10am Saturday: easy café ride: 25 miles, 12-14mph

10am Saturday: intermediate café ride 35 miles, 15-16mph

9am Sunday: fast non-café ride 50 miles 18mph*

9am Sunday: intermediate non-café ride 50 miles 16-17mph*

10am Sunday: intermediate café ride 35 miles 15-16mph

All rides will start at Broadribb Cycles, meeting 15 minutes before the departure time.

* may be quicker depending on who is riding

Club rides calendar

Monthly social evenings on hold

Alas the current COVID-19 situation also means our monthly social meetings at the White Horse have had to be postponed until further notice.

Possible 2020 club events

Social nights at the White Horse will resume as soon as pubs are allowed to re-open.

Resumption of club time trials - Wednesday 1st July if CTT approve

Leiden Plaque interclub TT - Monday 31st  August

10 mile Open TT - Saturday 6th September

For more details and other events please look at the calendars on the club’s website or Facebook group.

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