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Newsletter No 2 (December 2019)
Hightlights from our daily life
Christmas celebration at Nendre

This years' Christmas celebration at Nendre was built around the Advent Circle, which symbolizes the community spirit, our close ties with each other, a place and space for everyone, our unity, our diversity and our common values. We are grateful for the love and friendship that we can share with the kids and families at Nendre! 

Nendre as a role model in Europe

How to fulfil the needs of families and society at large, in the 21st century? How to reduce tensions between professional and family life, irrespective of the gender of the parents or the family structure? Edita Koliataite, director of Nendre, was invited to reflect on these questions and share the experiences of Nendre in the pannel of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Diversity Europe Group on the topic "New Role Models for Societies in Europe", organized by the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels on November 12, 2019.

Food products from local farmers

Nendre is a part of the Humana People to People Baltic Program "Eat wisely" with a focus on healthy nutrition and cooking skills of children and youth. At least ¾ of the food products are purchased from the local farmers, with the aim to address the challenges of fast food culture and growth of cheap and low-quality food consumption. Children at Nendre enjoy fresh diary and meat products and the menu is planned in a way that minimizes food waste.

People working at Nendre
Speech therapist Zita Levin

Speech therapist Zita Levin has been working at Nendre since the beginning of autumn. Zita evaluates the language of all new kindergarterners and provides free-of-charge consultations for children with speech disorders. Various visual and technological educational tools are used for engaging the children in the process and developing their active and passive vocabulary as well as improving their narrative language,

Our partners and sponsors
Emmaus Åland Award 2019

Our partners and supporters Emmaus Åland have launched an annnual 500 euro award for people with connection to Nendre or project activities that follow the main principles of the Emmaus movement - respect for people and environment, sharing, openness, solidarity and welcoming. This year Ruksteliai family will be awarded 100 euro for their active engagement in and contribution to the activities involving the whole Nendre community. 100 euro award also goes to Kipras Radvilavicius who joined the day center for school-children this year and has provided the kids with motivation of gaining new knowledge in inspiring and creative ways. The rest of the award will be used for a joint excursion with the aim of strengthening a sense of community and solidarity among families at Nendre

Children books by Nordic writers

The Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania has contributed with Christmas presents to our kids who were delighted to receive books by the Nordic childrens' book authors. We hope that children and their families will have time to sit down during the holidays and share the cosiness of reading together!

Christmas surprizes at Nendre
Visit from the Embassy of Finland in Vilnius

The Embassy of Finland in Vilnius visits Nendre with greetings from Santa's homeland in Lapland every year before Christmas. This  time the Ambassador of Finland HE Christer Michelsson and Mrs Ebba Michelssn not only brought traditional Finnish delights, but also a promise of snow for at least New Year's Eve!

Ceramic workshop with Social Partners

Giving an experience is the best Christmas gift, according to the PR company Social Patners. Their staff joined the kids at Nendre for a workshop with a ceramics artist Gintare Miskinyte and made candle holders that each child could later take home as a proof of their creative power and a memory of Christmas magic at Nendre. 

Thank you for being with us this year!

We wish you all a peaceful and joyful Christmas time and a successful and healthy New Year 2020!

Non-governmental kindergarten NENDRE

Giedraiciu 16A-6, Vilnius

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