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The time between February 16 and March 11 is all about reflection on the decades of work and the celebration of freedom to connect with people around the world and to get engaged in activating initiatives.

Rimvydas Baltaduonis | J.Basanavicius is a Role Model for Diversity

Laureate of Global Lithuanian Awards, GLL Forum speaker Prof. Rimvydas Baltaduonis suggests Lithuania shall follow the tradition of diversity and inclusiveness set by inspiring leaders like Jonas Basanavičius and Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė at the doorstep of Restored Lithuanian Independence. "Diversity is a vital force for intellectual progress, growth of economy, as well as attraction of investments and talents," says Rimvydas Baltaduonis, who is a senior visiting scientist at Columbia University and a Board member at Lithuanian World Community. We at GLL are happy to share Rimvydas' speech from the latest GLL Forum at this very special time for our country. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE>>

Gintaras Karosas | Remembering the Fights for Freedom of Lithuania

Gintaras Karosas, American Lithuanian and ex-activist in the fights for Lithuania's Independence, set off to prepare an exhibition of all the ad materials he created back in 70's and 80's to raise awareness of Lithuania's issue in USA. His collection of posters is incredible and if you ever get a chance to see them as well as hear Gintaras stories in person, you should definitely take that chance! It is his visual interpretation of Vytis which is currently so popular in Lithuania and up until 2018 was considered as created by "unknown author". We are happy the author is finally recovered and we will make sure to keep you posted once his exhibition is out on the road.    

GLL Responds

Ingrida Olendraite | How to Read Information on Coronavirus?

Speaker of the last Forum Ingrida Olendraitė, PhD Student of Computational Molecular Virology at Cambridge University, was approached for an expert opinion on the most recent outbreak of Coronavirus, which has been sweeping the world and minds of people, causing superfluous panic. Spare half an hour to develop a more critical approach to the issue.  LISTEN TO VIDEO PODCAST >>

Clubs of Global Lithuanian Professionals

In their brand new VIDEO, Lithuanian Professionals in Copenhagen testify the essence of Clubs of Lithuanian Professionals Abroad. They function as communities of like-minded curious individuals who take personal and professional network building as well as patriotic feelings and responsibilities very seriously, often engaging in civic activities. That is their way to fulfil the needs for belonging and self-expression.

New Clubs | Amterdam, Frankfurt, New York

Spring of 2020 promises to be rich in new Clubs of Lithuanian Professionals abroad as we witness the activated communication and first gatherings of professionals in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and New York.  Follow the JOINT CALENDAR to witness their appearance.

Back on Track | Toronto

Club of Lithuanian Professionals of Canada was established during the club boom in 2015. With the growing community of young professionals in Toronto, it switched to higher gear. In February, they held a quarterly networking and learnt about amazing careers the club members found there. LEARN MORE>>

GLL Offers

Job Opening | Shortcut to Career Heights in Lithuania

A true global Lithuanian Mantas Kuncaitis, CEO @Vilnius Prekyba holding, is currently looking for a personal executive assistant, and we believe it is a rare opportunity to launch one's career to amazing heights in Lithuania. Vilniaus prekyba is a tight but very vibrant team of 13 people, whose main duty is to oversee, control and manage the group of subsidiary companies in the Baltic States, Sweden, Poland and Bulgaria. Mantas himself has studied and worked in London before comming back to Lithuania to become the youngest CEO in company’s history. Expect a lot of traveling, open-minded team, best management practices and constant challenges. According to Mantas, his assistant will be very much at the very heart of the business and will be regarded as his right-hand man/woman. Contact for more info here:

Academic Grants | Call for Application

MJJ fondas just announced the call for applications for Science grant. If you are a researcher who holds PhD from a foreign university, currently reside abroad, and are interested to continue academic career in Lithuania – APPLY HERE >>. The grants are aimed to encourage the reverse trend of brain exchange by motivating the brightest minds to build academic career in Lithuania and take active part in the improvement of Lithuanian education system.

LT Big Brother | Become a Mentor

Mentorship Stories | Laurynas and Karolis

In the experience of long-term mentor of LT Big Brother and President of LPC - Lithuanian Professionals in Copenhagen Laurynas Dailidė, mentoring a young talent with drive and dreams is rewarding to say the least. The year in mentorship pair with Karolis Jarusevicius has been mainly:

👉 A possibility to support the dreams and ambitions of a young talent;
👉 A chance to reflect on chosen professional route and develop listening skills;
👉 A challenge to provide meaningful and actionable advice;
👉 An opportunity to share experience and learn. 
More Laurynas' thoughts HERE.

On the other hand, in Karolis opinion:
👉 mentoring affects your mindset just like compounding interest affects your money, and mindset is the single most important thing in life;
👉 it provides you with a view and feel of what lies beyond the hard work at the beginning and lets you see what it will give you in the years to come;
👉 it is incredibly fun with inspiring, passionate people – at the end of the day, having fun is important, as work is just half of the battle. 

Mentorship Stories | Monika and Simona, Amit, Kamilė, Monika, Julija, Emilis

Let the exceptional mentorship story of Monika Mačiulytė inspire you to join LT Big Brother! Monika, global professional in the area of healthcare policy making, philanthropist and passionate supporter of Lithuanian art, has been mentoring young ambitious talent for 6 seasons. Through these inspiring years, she has grown a GLL family of six mentees and their friends.

“I am proud of every single one of them as well as all of them together. They are the genuine source of inspiration, knowledge and joy!“ says Monika.

The first mentee was Simona Kepalaitė now working at  UBS in Switzerland. The ‘youngest‘ little sister of the family Monika Budrytė now studies Neuroscience at Edinburgh University. Amit Belaitė, Julija Vinciūnaitė, Kamilė Naraitė, Emilis Gegevičius presently build their careers in Lithuania.

They have a slogan ‘Family Forever!’ and use every occasion to meet, visit cultural events, take city tours, celebrate  family or community festivals. Nobody refuses to help, to advise, or just to have a sincere conversation.  

Let these stories inspire you to dare trying mentorship and share the joy of learning with a young talent. Contact the program at  

LT Big Brother Discussion | London | March 4

The new season of LT Big Brother is warming up. The first event of the road show around Professional Clubs Abroad will be hosted by Lithuanian City of London Club, the founder of the program and the mentor of all Professional Clubs.
The event will feature mentorship stories and adventures and will aim to inspire more Global Professionals to become mentors to young Lithuanian talent.   

GLL Invites

North American - Lithuanian Business Forum | July 2 | Philadelphia

Join 200 Lithuanian and North American business professionals, representatives of business and economic development organizations for the North American – Lithuanian Business Forum!

Growing business cooperation between North America and Lithuania, as well as among Lithuanian professionals within, inspired the idea of a Business Forum to identify existing success stories and set the stage for future ones. Appropriately, the event will be held at the Lithuanian Folk Dance Festival (Šokių Šventė), the largest gathering of the Lithuanian diaspora.

Global Lithuanian Leaders

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