Scott Morrison claims 'no slavery in Australia,' sparking backlash

[Samantha Maiden,]

Scott Morrison’s declaration that there was “no slavery in Australia” has sparked claims he doesn’t know the history of the country he leads.

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Push to remove statue of Australia's first PM

[Luisa Rubbo, ABC]

Thousands of people have signed a petition demanding the removal of a statue of Australia's first prime minister, Sir Edmund Barton, from a traditional burial site in NSW.

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The Rule mob are back! Family Rules returns to NITV for a third season

[by  Hannah Pemberton] 

The landmark observational documentary series, which follows Noongar mother Daniella and her daughters, will feature important milestones for the Rule family – including a new baby and Daniella’s 50th birthday.

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Beacons for Black Change or Changes of White Beacons

[by Stephen Hagan]

The director of Indigenous research at the Centre for Independent Studies, Jacinta Price, in a Daily Telegraph June 9 opinion piece Black Lives Matter masks the truth behind Aboriginal deaths, said the protests fail to acknowledge the true factors contributing to Aboriginal deaths.  

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