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July 2019

Dear Valued Patient...

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The Guardian 25 May 2019
Top UK scientist urges people to take Vitamin D supplements

One of Britain’s leading scientists has urged people to take vitamin D supplements, particularly children, who spend an hour less outside than they did 10 years ago.

The geneticist Steve Jones told the Hay literary festival in Wales the health case for taking them was now overwhelming. “I never thought I would be a person who would take vitamin supplements, I always thought it was absolute nonsense. I now take vitamin D every day,” he said.

“Today, because I knew the sun wasn’t going to shine, I took an extra one.

“Children today spend an hour a day less outside than they did 10 years ago. That’s the smartphone and the tablet situation. Scottish children spend less time in the sun than any other children in the world.”

He said the bone disease rickets, which doctors thought they had eliminated from Britain in the 1950's, was a real issue today. “Rickets is coming back and rickets is coming back at some speed. It is coming back because of a shift in human behaviour which we never thought would happen,” he said.

Jones said the benefits of sunshine and vitamin D could be felt across a range of health areas including obesity, mood and blood pressure. He cited multiple sclerosis, which is most common in northern Canada and almost unheard of in tropical countries. In the UK, levels are higher in Scotland than England.

Scotland gets the least sunshine in the UK and Scottish men have a life expectancy two years less than men in England and Wales, he said. “Scotland is still the sick man of Europe. The Scots are the palest people in the world … and that’s because their entire body systems are crying out for vitamin D.”

Jones is professor of genetics at University College London and is considered one of the finest science communicators of his generation. He was in Hay talking about his new book, Here Comes the Sun.

Jones told the audience that vitamin D had many unexpected effects on the body, including the immune system. “It can help tackle infectious disease, it changes mood, if you have a shortage you’re more likely to get kidney disease … it is really, really important stuff. The evidence that the shortage of sunlight has drastic effects on health is overwhelming.”

The sun also lowers your blood pressure. “If you lie out on the beach in your bikini, or without anything on, for an hour you will drop your blood pressure by about 10 points, because it relaxes your blood vessels. So get out in the sun while we still can.”

Jones acknowledged that too much sun can cause skin cancer, a discovery made in the 1930's during research on the health of US Navy sailors. It was also discovered that they had lower levels of other diseases because of their greater exposure to the sun. “That was forgotten more or less, but it’s now being discovered in spades.”

We sell Vitamin D supplements at the Clinic - do pop in if you would like to buy some.

Making the Call...

Seeking help with an emotional or life issue can be hard. For most people, very often the hardest part is picking up the phone and making the call. You may feel in distress, overwhelmed by feelings or as if life is full of confusion, anxiety and disappointment.

You may have developed problems in your personal relationships, at home or at work, in changes of mood or outbursts of anger. You may notice physical symptoms such as tiredness, disturbed sleep, eating problems or an increase in drug or alcohol use. Everyone experiences difficulties and challenges at some point in their lives.

You do not need to face them alone. Counselling provides you with a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space where you will be listened to and where you can discuss your issues and work through your feelings.

The aim is to reduce a client’s confusion and enable them to cope with challenges or to make positive changes in their life where necessary.

Counsellors do not give you advice or solve your problems for you, they will listen to your story helping you to understand yourself better and make positive changes in your life.

Laura Kearley is our Counsellor here at the Clinic and is registered with:

Member of the National Hypnotherapy Society (NHS)

Member of the National Counselling Society (NCS)

If you would like to book in with Laura please do make that call: 01329 665 871

Plant Sterols

One  Plant Sterol tablet a day may contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. This tablet provides a full 800mg of 'free' (or pure) plant sterols with up to 80% beta-sitosterols. 

Plant sterols are naturally present in vegetable oils and grains, and have been shown to be vitally important for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. In structure, plant sterols are similar to cholesterol and they have been shown to benefit health by partially blocking cholesterol from being re-absorbed from the gut. Cholesterol is naturally secreted in bile to aid digestion and then re-absorbed further down the gut. By blocking this re-absorption of cholesterol, plant sterols may have a positive effect on blood cholesterol levels, even if a low cholesterol diet is being consumed. 

Modern diets tend to be low in plant sterols, and so increasingly foods such as margarine are being fortified with sterols. These fortified foods can make a contribution to the daily intake of sterols but achieving an optimum intake by this means may not suit everyone. 

Please click on the British Dietetic Association link for more information:

On Sale at Reception Now!

Dear Doctor   As part of our newsletter we bring you a series of questions which have been asked of our Practitioners and their answers which have helped genuine patients. Whilst we call this part Dear “Doctor” the term “Doctor” is used as a figure of speech only.

This month's Dear Doctor is from Caroline Herbert, an Osteopath, who has worked at the Clinic for over 20 years. 


I am suffering knee pain which is worse on the right. Sometimes my knee gives out, always at the wrong time, when carrying a cup of tea for example. I have been to the GP and he has recommended ant-inflammatory tablets but they have given me indigestion and heartburn so I am reluctant to take them anymore. Is there anything you can do to help?


Knee pain can be due to one of many things which only an examination can reveal. Frequently the cause is of muscular origin and, if this is the case, we can improve the conditions considerably. I would recommend an osteopathic or physiotherapy examination to determine the cause and hopefully the solution.

Examination revealed a pronounced muscular imbalance with some mild wear and tear in the joint. Massage and exercises resulted in a pain free knee and no more giving out.


I feel 10 years younger! I am going to get back to golf again and keep going with the exercises to stop the pain coming back. Thank you!

We continue to be committed to your health and well-being and look forward to supporting your future health needs.
Thank you for choosing Stubbington Natural Health Clinic, your custom is most appreciated,
Caroline Herbert

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