e-PUTRA® Newsletter Issue #38 | November 2018 |

SPR Sensor Chip Innovation to Detect Dengue at Early Stages

A group of researchers from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) successfully invented a Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Sensor Chip, an an innovation that swiftly detects dengue virus at early stages.

As an optical device, SPR is highly sensitive to any changes in refractive fluid index, including blood and water, adjacent to a layer of metal surface required to produce this phenomenon.

Based on this concept, SPR has high potential of emerging as an effective alternative optical sensor. Read More

The DC System Model of Smart Home Concept Saves Electricity

The innovation named ‘DC Homes in Future Energy System’ can be applied in homes or buildings that are based on Source-Load-Voltge-DC.

The lead researcher, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Zuha Wan Hasan from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, UPM said Source-Load-Voltage-DC is used to build a new topology (connector) of the charging controller circuit and energy conversion. Read More

DADD Innovation Stops Drivers from Falling Asleep at the Wheel

Since the technology was applied in the vest, the 'mini vibration motor' in the vest would produce a 'haptic feedback' which is a signal in the form of vibration, and this occurred if it detected drowsy drivers.

DADD was integrated into a smartphone and a special camera which was placed on the dashboard of the car. The camera would then detect if a driver was drowsy through physical changes such as blink rate, head nod speed, yawn rate and heart rate. Read More

Exhibition to Showcase the Unique Culture of the Polish Tatar Muslim Community

The Faculty of Design and Architecture (FRSB), UPM organised the "The Tatars Muslim in the Republic of Poland" exhibition which showcase Islamic culture in Poland that has existed since the 14th century.

The exhibition, officiated by the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Malaysia, Krzystof Debnick, was a collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Malaysia. It focused on the historical importance of the Islamic community in Poland. Read More

UPM Launches a Book Titled ‘Pembangunan Kontemporari Orang Asli’

The Faculty of Human Ecology (FEM), UPM launched a book titled ‘Pembangunan Kontemporari Orang Asli’ which touches on contemporary development issues involving orang asli written by several public university researchers.

The book, edited by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sarjit S. Gill and Dr. Mohd Roslan Rosnon from FEM, features 14 chapters which contains articles by authors involved in Orang Asli studies. Read More

Fabric Recycling Programme Inculcates Recycling Habit among UPM Campus Members

Faculty of Science, UPM launched a Fabric Recycling programme to foster fabric recycling culture among UPM students and staff.

UPM Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Datin Paduka Dato' Dr. Aini Ideris said that the recycling programme was able to be implemented due to the cooperation from all the different levels and layers of organisations in UPM. Read More

UPM and Niigata University organise IAC-ISFA 2018

Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry, Dato’ Salahuddin Ayub officiated the Joint Symposium of the 8th International Agriculture Congress 2018 & 6th International Symposium for Food & Agriculture 2018 (IAC-ISFA 2018).

The symposium involved researchers, government and private agencies in the food and agriculture sector, particularly the Faculty of Agriculture of Niigata University, Japan and the UPM Faculty of Agriculture which focus on agriculture application and technology to market food production. Read More

Agrobank’s Agriculture Certification Programme Exposes the Current Scenario of the Agricultural Sector

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has collaborated with Agrobank in organising the Agrobank-UPM Agriculture Certification Programme (AU-ACP) 2018 to provide exposure to Agrobank officers about the latest scenarios in the field of agriculture.

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Industry and Community Relations), Prof. Dato’ Dr. –Ing. Renuganth Varatharajoo said that the programme is developed specifically for Agrobank officers who do not have an academic background in the agricultural sector. Read More

Upcoming Events

3 - 4 December 2018 - 27th Scientific Conference of Microscopy Society Malaysia 2018 (SCMSM2018)

4 - 5 December 2018 - South-south Conference on Demography & Population Ageing


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