The untold story of Aboriginal explorer King Bungaree

[Stephen Gibbs, Daily Mail]

Bungaree, who circumnavigated Australia with Captain Matthew Flinders in 1802-03, was for many years the most famous Aborigine in the New South Wales penal colony.

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The Florence Nightingale from the bush

[John P McD Smith, Alice Springs News]

Rona Glynn was born at Woodgreen Station in 1936.  Her mother, Topsy Glynn was an Aboriginal woman who worked at the station.

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Central Land Council Chairman Calls for Calm on Remote Housing

[by Marie Rancon]

The $300,000 will be used to ensure that Aboriginal people in our region have a strong voice on housing matters, and to develop a new approach to housing services in remote communities, in partnership with both levels of government.

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ABC leads the way in documentary filmmaking

[by Kim Bassett]

Written by Stan Grant and featuring Adam Goodes (pictured), The Australian Dream chronicles the national conversation that took place after Goodes was racially vilified during an AFL match. That event and Goodes’ response led to years of abuse at games, fueling heated radio talkback and commentary.

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