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Medieval Musings: September 15, 2019

"Paul Bennett’s book are now at the top of my most loved authors." - Fiona A

In this week's Medieval Musings:

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is Saint Mathew
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-History of Merceria: Part VIII
in progress update
spotlight & book giveaways

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The Church of the Saints

Who is Saint Mathew?

After the six founding members negotiated the great peace in Herani, they needed to turn their attention to other matters. Although they were not yet a formal organization, having worked together only sporadically, the great peace changed that, ushering in a new era of prosperity.

Mathew, from an early age, had proven himself knowledgeable of herbs and natural cures. He began expanding his expertise, using his newly acquired fame to search out new and unique treatments. He is credited with creating the first healing mission in the holy city, a task made all the more difficult by the many and varied cultures that inhabited the area. At first, people resisted his attempts, often calling him out for witchcraft or ungodly powers, but in time, they began to regard the work he was doing as beneficial to all, regardless of their background.

He spent a lifetime codifying herbs and treatments and is often called the father of the healing arts. Since that time, his followers have worked tirelessly to expand his techniques. The current order of Saint Mathew encourages healing of all types, including magic, and it is not unknown for Life Mages to begin their training under the tutelage of the order.

Mathewites can often be found wandering battlefields, offering to heal friend and foe alike. They are an essential part of the Church Army, and as such, are protected in their work by the other orders, particularly the Sisters of Saint Agnes, with whom they work very closely.

A new question & last week's winner!

Last week, Tilly & Daisy asked you what year Paul was born in, and the correct answer is 1961.

Congratulations to Ron T. who is the first-ever winner of Daisy & Tilly's eBook Giveaway!

Now, for this week's question, and remember you only have to guess to be entered into the giveaway!

History of Merceria: Part VIII

Eastwood and the Orcs

In 701, crowding in Wincaster, along with the ever-increasing ranks of nobility, led to demands for more land to come under Mercerian rule. In this year, King Dornal called on the general of his army to march northeast, to the area now known as Eastwood. When they encountered Orcs, who resisted the expansion into their lands, the general was ordered to subjugate the race, an order that led to a long and bloody war.

Initially, Mercerians attempted to establish a military base close by, but the settlement, primarily constructed of wood, was burnt to the ground by the Orc shaman’s who could wield fire. In retaliation, the king ordered all Mercerian mages to support the war effort, creating a long and drawn-out battle, with no end in sight.

By 707, with the war a significant drain on the crown's finances, King Dornal ordered more troops assembled, the largest in Mercerian history up to this point, and marched them off to the Orcs to settle the matter once and for all. To command the assault, Dornal appointed his brother as general. Assuming personal control of the campaign, General Castigal rides to Eastwood and begins a long series of raids deep into Orc territory,  but they fail to bring the Orcs to battle. Instead the Mercerians are worn down by attrition and lightning-quick retaliation attacks by the Orcs.

In 710 General Castigal, tired of the endless fighting, takes his hardened troops and marches back to Wincaster, seizing the throne for himself and executing his older brother. Shortly thereafter, he orders the cessation of hostilities and decrees than no Mercerians enter the Artisan Hills. His attempt to avoid reprisals from the Orcs is a success, and the region quiets down.

Work in Progress Update

This week finds me working on several projects at the same time. To begin with, I’m writing the first draft of Embers, the second in The Frozen Flame series.

While I’ve been doing that, I’ve been pondering the next Heir to the Crown book, which will be called Defender of the Crown. It’s a complex storyline, with many subplots, so I’ve been sorting them out and deciding on the pacing.

Also, I’ve been giving Brother Cyric some thought. He’s a secondary character in my new book, Ashes, but I’ve always felt I could do more with him. I’m envisioning a series of short stories, likely to be bundled together eventually. I shall likely write the first such book after Embers is done, as a palate cleanser before I delve back into the world of Merceria.

I’ve also given some thought to a Christmas story. It wouldn’t be Christmas, of course, but the celebration of midwinter, which occurs across the entire world I write about. It would likely involve Brother Cyric, but I shan’t say more. Of course, I may get too busy to follow through with this, but I do so enjoy a writing challenge!

Until next time, Happy Reading!

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