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Dear our friends and supporters,

Besides seeing what we have done last month, we would like to invite you to join a Raffle for pangolins named: "FALLEN STAR RAFFLE". Let’s start with the information of the raffle then visit new pangolin members at SVW and say good luck to all individuals who are free now and will be free in the near future.

Raffle Excitement



Step 1: Make a donation of at least $5 via Link

Step 2: Add the comment ‘FALLEN STAR RAFFLE’ 

=> You will automatically be entered into the draw.

Step 3: Wait for a Livestream of the Raffle on Fallen Star Facebook page on the 1st of July 2020

Join the raffle here:
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Diversify of Rescue
3 months old cat was safe

On 24 May, we had succeeded in rescuing a little Leopard cat from Lai Chau province. According to the police, the cat is about 3 months old and quite frightened due to losing his mother at the rescue time. They added, “when the trader sensed of danger the trader had immediately left the little cat behind and ran away”. He is doing well now and the keepers will have “an especial training” for him with the hope of releasing him back into his home.

First time of rescue Racoon cubs in Vietnam

On the 30th of May, some local people strolled around their popcorn field, then suddenly found 3 little raccoon dogs. Thanks to our outreach activities on this site, now the people know what should do next for these. They transferred the cub voluntarily to our keepers in Pu Mat national park. All raccoon cubs are under good care although they are quite nervous of see new human faces. Up to now, there is not much scientific information or deep research about this species in Vietnam. With this rescue, we hope for more studies about them.

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Rescued 2 birds in Vietnamese Red List

On 23 May, 2 birds - Asian Openbill listed in the rare list of Vietnamese Red List have been rescued by our team at Pu Mat national park. These were transferred voluntarily by a local family of  Mrs. Nguyen Thi Xuan in Nghe An Province. Sadly, one died due to poor health conditions with diarrhea and did not eat much. Another one is better, she is doing well now and staying in our semi-wild area

A great time to be active and dynamic for rehab

Summer is a great time to be active and dynamic and has a big party in our semi-wild area. As you may know, pangolins are nocturnal. However, under the scorching sun, our ant-eater loves to be outside to sleep on branches during the day. At night, it will be a great time to enjoy swimming in a “special private pool”.


6 otters and 3 more pangolins to be home, to be free

After about a-half of years with us, they are ready to be free. Do you remember the group otter pups we rescued in Dec 2019? At that time, most of them were so tiny and adorable and fed milk every 2 hours. Now, look at them, they are growing up and free to live their lives.

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Just couples days before the journey to the home of the otters, the forest was also welcoming 3 of its citizens – Sunda pangolins. According to the record of the researcher, these pangolins have traveled far into the forest.

Veterinary activities
Time for healing and producing news offspring

Summer is also the time for healing the wounds and producing new offspring of Masked Palm Civets. At our Cuc Phuong rescue center, a lost-front-clawed one is now able to move around to look for food by himself. And in another our rescue site, a mother had given birth to 2 new little cute babies. All of the animals are doing well, we are expecting to send them “big gifts”  of being free in the forest soon. Wish all lovely little ones with health and passing all our self-survival tests to be home soon.

A mother badger giving births

The badger losing a front claw by trap

Sharing love for wildlife and nature after the online conservation course

After delivering the first online conservation course to students of Nguyen Khuyen High School, the first experiencers are proactive in creating their own videos from our lectures and using these videos to share with other classes in their schools. From a learning club – Act For Future (A4F)of 35 members, they have been sharing what they learned to 215 other students of five classes in the school. Besides sharing love about wildlife conservation, the club members have been creating many handmade items like scrunchies, bookmarks, and necklaces to sell at school or sell via their Facebook page. All the benefits from this selling will be used to adopt "XUYEN”, one of our educational ambassadors.

The success of the first online course brings us a really emotional hope. This school and A4F club can be a model to motivate other schools to follow them. With the support of technology, everyone can join “conservation” directly or indirectly by educating and sharing the love for wildlife and nature.

Research activities

Keeping hope for future of Sunda pangolins and otters in U Minh Thuong National Park

In the second camera-trap retrieval at U Minh Thuong National Park, 31 devices were collected while four were stolen. Preliminary analysis of the camera-trap data collected shows that the presence of Sunda Pangolins and Hairy-nosed Otters is still recorded. It was a piece of very heartening news for our team to hope of recovery the population of pangolin and the otters in there.

Site protection
10 poachers detected, 1 trap and NO gun in May

Last month was an impressive achievement of the anti-poaching team. During patrolling the whole forest with 2082 km by foot, the team arrested 5 poachers, encountered 5 people illegally logging into the forest. The number of traps was only one trap. Especially, the gun was reached to ZERO. However,  illegal camps were still quite high and stood at 17 camps used for fishing purposes. Although the result of May brings many positive signs, the team still keeps an eye on their patrols and does an investigation on new routes that poachers or hunters can go.

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Here is the detail of the team’s achievement in May 2020:

We would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all supporters and donors via our website and other channels. Thank you all for sharing the financial burden with us. Here is the list of our organization and individual donors in May 2020.

Organization Donors
7 Bridges Brewing Company National Geographic Society
Action for Wildlife Organization National Zoo Australia
Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA) e.V. Newquay Zoo
Alice C. Tyler Perpetual Trust Not just bamboo
Australian Volunteers Nurtured by Nature
Bosua by BOO OAK Foundation
Catkin Media Ocean Park Conservation Fund
Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund Olsen Animal Trust
Croeni Foundation Riverbanks Zoo & Garden
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo SEGRE Foundation
Denver Zoo Skyland Productions GmbH
Denver Zoo Explorer Post Synchronicity Earth
EAZA's Small Carnivore Taxon Advisory Group Taiwan Forestry Bureau
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Taronga Conservation Society Australia
Flying Pangolin Film TH True Milk
Fortuna Hotel The Biodiversity Foundation
Foundation SEGRÉ The Mohamed bin Zayed
Fresh house The Zoological Society of London
Friends of Tallinn Zoo THU MINH and OTTO
Future For Nature Adward TRỐNG ĐỒNG
Global conservation force US Fish and Wildlife Service
Global Wildlife Conservation USAID Saving Species
Greater Goods Vingroup
Highlands Coffee Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V
Hong Kong Full Circle Foundation Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust
Houston Zoo Wild & Free - Rehabilitation and Release
Humane Society International Wild Planet Trust
International Otter Survival Fund WildAid
Leibniz Institute For Zoo and Wildlife Research Wildlife Asia
Life Science Diversity Foundation Wildlife Conservation Network
Minara Nature Foundation Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund Wroclaw Zoo
Nashville Zoo Xuân Mai Group
Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative
Individual donors via website
A Amiri Felix Schlieszus Madeline Von Foerster
Aida Mynzhasova Finn-Lasse Bossen Maria Gema Redondo González
Alistair Leonard Geoffrey Denham Marian Isaac
Amelia Bridgwater Georgette Taylor Marie Rauscher
Andreas Falkenberg Georgina Steadman Marlayna Gehrking
Anita Clemens Gerardo Sanchez Martin Prechner
Anna Clark Grant Stewart Melodie Matkin
Anne Marie Lebas Gwyneth Owen Michael Erb
Anne Sanderson Hannah Bancroft Michael Tong
Annie Beal Hazel M Watts Michaela Fliegel
Angela Mcmaster Helen Coleman Nicholas Idle
Barbara Roberts Helen Horsley Owen Thomas
Carol Cushing Ho Yan Chung Patsie Goulding
Caroline Jarvis Ingebjørg Fjose Patricia Quintanilla
Catherine Bennett Ingrid Ulferts Peter Kettle
Cathy Granholm Irene Liu Peter Thomas
Connor Mcbriarty Isabel Hunter Phuong Bui
Coral Keegan Janet Anderson Rachel Hiller
Chelsea Davis Jason Dare Rachel Probert
Christine Jones Jeff Kennedy Rebecca Copland
Christine Jones Jill Chase Richard Roberts
Dana Catterina Jillian Rutherford Roland Page
Daniel Kuebler John Draves Rosemary Barnes
Danielle Davis Joseph Odom Roya Djavarsineh
Daria Kosenko Josephine Timewell Ryz Wedepohl
Dave Lawrence Joshua Curnow Sara Webb
Deborah Kramer Julia Morrison Selina Ward
Diana Beamish Julia Vidal Shannon O'Brien
Diana Taylor Kate Barkshire Shao Ju Shan
Diane Kadomoto Katie Lorraine Mccarthy Shirin Wertime
Dinohoodie Kathy Kadlecek Simon Iveson
Dirk Schils Katrina Young Stephan Gonter
Dr.Zippelius Srl Unipersonale Kim Forrest Steven Drayton
Edith Vella Lachezar Georgiev Susan Hemsley
Eleanor Scalone Laura Broxson Tatum Johnson
Elisabeth Key Laura Edwards Timothy Graham
Elizabeth Forde Lawrence Thompson Toan Phan
Elizabeth Williamson Lianne Todd Flyr
Ellen Wenzel Louisa Jaskulski Toni Roediger
Emily Milder Lucia Cervantes Theodore Stankowich
Emma Green Lynn Spruce Vector612, Llc
Evelyn Baron M Jay Wesley Rieck
Other donors via other channels
Connon Alan John Quinnie
Do Thu Thuy Sergey Khlyupin
Nguyen Thi Ngoc Duyen Spiegel Tv
Nguyen Thi To Uyen Tran Ngoc Khanh Linh
Nguyen Trong Quan Wine Agency & Dinh Kieu Duong
Volunteers coming in Apr 2020

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the volunteer program in our rescue center has been suspended.


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