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Namaste ,

HEADS UP: It's Shrove Tuesday this week so Restorative Yoga is starting at 1900 on the 25th instead of its usual 1830 so that parishioners and pancake-lovers of any denomination can carb-up and then clean up the lower hall.

It also probably means that the residual syrupy scent won't require much of a stretch to imagine yourself in a mystical maple forest if that's your intention for this week's practice.

See you following the flapjacks or for the 50 + Over FOGA class on Wednesday morning at 0900 at Fort Massey United Church,

Andrew (Indri)

the next 4 week s t r e t c h

RESTORATIVE Yoga: USUALLY Tuesdays at 1830 (This week at 1900)
50+ Yoga (FOGA): Wednesdays at 0900


SPECIAL TIME THIS WEEK! It's Shrove Tuesday so we're starting a half an hour late, at 7PM instead of our usual 630PM.

This week feat. Vrksasana (Tree Pose) one of the asanas en route to our collective falling in love with Warrior III.

50+ OVER YOGA: WED, FEB 26 @0900

FOGA Week 2 of 6
Standing Poses for Strength + Balance


feat. Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose) another Warrior III prep asana that's half balance and half leg-strengthening practice.

50+ OVER YOGA: WED, MAR 4 @0900

FOGA Week 3 of 6
Seated Poses to Improve Alignment, Range of Motion + Strength

Shrove Tuesday + Ardha Anything

According to Wikipedia, the word shrove is a form of shrive, which means to obtain absolution for one's sins. The whole thing gets a lot more convoluted on its way to becoming the rationale for a day dedicated to eating pancakes, and I'm already late with this week's email so nuts to trying to explain that!

The good news is that I found a sweet, starry-ish photo of a stack of them topped with one that's arguably shaped like a half moon, the feature pose for March 3rd's Restorative Yoga class. In Sanskrit, Ardha is half and Chandra is moon. Both of them are gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan, and neither of them is fattening. #goardhachandrasana


Shy about by the idea of attending a Restorative Yoga or FOGA (50+ Yoga) class?

Just call me (Andrew) at 902-220-1495 and I'll walk you through it, or you can read the Indri Yoga FAQs.

If I don't answer, I'm either in a meeting at one of my other jobs, asleep, or some combination of the two, but I will call you back.


  • cheaper than a haircut,
  • shorter than a feature-length film,
  • better for you than popcorn, pancakes or polenta and soda and sitting on your derrière for any length of time

The 75 minutes of Restorative Yoga on Tuesdays at The Fort features a fairly detailed run at Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) after the warm up, followed by a few greatest hits in the balance and opening asana genres.

Presto! — the smoothest, calmest, stretchiest birds on the block!

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  • Half Moon pancake photo by Edmonton's Mae Mu at Unsplash
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