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European ANFT Council Newsletter #8

Dear Guides and Friends,

As we are rolling smoothly into this new year and Spring is starting to reveal itself in some parts of Europe already! 

We come to you with exciting news this month and new materials for all of us to lean into to further our practice as a community of guides.  Yes! It is true! the PR Tool kit is ready to be shipped out to all of you that wish to receive it.

We have brought our hearts and minds together to collect useful tips,  information and inspirations for our practice. In this newsletter, you can find information on:

  • The planned European ANFT Trainings for 2020
  • Call for Press Contacts
  • The PR Toolkit and how to get it
  • Call for Translators
  • An overview of upcoming European Conferences
  • Pro-Tip of the month reflecting on Partnership Invitations and how to catch them
  • European Member Series (aka Professional Development) calls and Regional calls for the first quarter of 2020,
  • Update on the Trainers and Mentors Summit in Joshua Tree
  • An interview with our guide Brenda Spitzer from Cohort 3, based in Illinois, USA
  • Arrows to the heart
  • Book tip of the month.

We hope you’ll have fun reading, get inspired and get in touch! Please feel free to send us an email to if you have any questions, ideas or comments.

With connection In our hearts,

Ales, Amanda, Geeta, Heidi and Kat


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ANFT European FT Guide Trainings

The schedule for Guide Trainings for 2020 is live on the ANFT website HERE

If you have had participants on your walks that have manifested interested in pursuing the training, please direct them to the ANFT website HERE

The trainings in Europe are the following:

Czech Republic - 10-17 May 2020

Finland - 6-13 June 2020

England, UK - 05-12 June 2020

Norway - 28 Jul - 4 August 2020

Germany - 11 - 18 October 2020


Early Bird Special for 2020 trainings s available up to 6 months before the start of the training. Payment must be received in full by the early bird deadline, or the regular tuition rate will apply. 

NEW Scholarship Program 2020

The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs offers twelve scholarships for forest therapy guide trainings to applicants who experience financial barriers to training programs like ours, and who demonstrate a strong potential for bringing forest therapy to communities and settings that open the doors for others to participate. Click HERE for more information.


At the European Council we are looking to connect with local press so as to promote the ANFT Forest Therapy Guide Trainings that will happen in Europe this year. If you have press contacts in the Czech Republic, Finland, UK, Norway and Germany that you are willing to share with us, please connect with us at

PR Tool Kit

Since last April, after the council received the reply to the  survey to European Guides, asking how this Council could best serve with materials to support you in forwarding your work as Forest therapy Guides, we have been working hard to prepare the PR Toolkit for you. PR stands for Public Relations :)  It is ready! We think it is amazing and super useful and we truly hope you find them useful too! 

We have focused on the six themes that were requested in the survey:

- What is the ANFT?

- Forest Therapy  and the ANFT Way

- Health Benefits of Nature Connection

- Forest Therapy and Mental Health

- Corporate Wellness

- Forestry and Forest Therapy

Each theme has been worked into a booklet that includes the latest research and infographics for ease of use. The booklet is also available in screen format so that you can create slide shows with the information you wish to use.

If you would like to receive the PR toolkit, please email us at

Above you can see a glimpse of what they look like... we look forward to your emails requesting the PR toolkit which we will email to you with great pleasure and happiness.

Below you can see a glimpse of two of the many infographics contained within each booklet.

Infographic that illustrates our guide community Worldwide

Infographic that illustrates detailed information about our Guide community in Europe


Would you like to have the PR Toolkit translated into your language?

Would you be willing to volunteer your language skills and translate the content?

If you feel this is something you would like to contribute and support the other guides in your country, please reach out to us at

Thank You !

Upcoming for 2020
European Conferences

The Mindful Living Show 

6-7th March - London, UK

More information HERE

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

19- 23rd May 2020 - London - UK

More Information HERE

International Forest Therapy Days 

2-8th July 2020 - Parkano - Finland 

More Information HERE

Inner Peace Conference 

19th – 20th September 2020 Amsterdam - Netherlands More Information HERE

VII Convegno Nazionale di Montagnaterapia

14 - 17 October 2020 - Parma - Italy 

More Information HERE
Workplace, Wellbeing and Stress Forum 

19 November 2020 - Hilton Hotel, Canary Wharf, London

More Information HERE

9th International Adventure Therapy Conference 

21-26 June 2021 - Kristiansand - Norway

More Information HERE

More dates and events will follow.

If you know about any interesting event where ANFT should be present, please let us know.

Pro-Tip of the Month



Invitations are the way guides facilitate sensory connections between participants and the forest. How are we, guides, developing those sensory connections ourselves?

When you are at Sit Spot or wandering in the forest, how is the forest speaking to you? What senses are alive for you in each moment? How can you translate your sensory experience into an invitation that is Simple, Open and Sensory? 

How do you deepen your trust in the Forest? When one day you are out and you are taken by the dance of light and shadow.. what would a simple invitation look like.. maybe something in the lines of.. wander into the forest and be with the light and shadow of this place in any way that feels good to you..

Trust that the simplicity of the invitation is just enough for the Forest to do what it knows best.

Sit Spot Tips:

- Go to your sit spot and notice what is alive for you

- Take time to simply play.. what does that look like for you? Trust that even if at the beginning play might feel a little edgy, let play reveal itself..

- Zoom in on your senses that are engaged in the play.. do you have your eyes closed and are dancing to the sounds of the forest? Do you have your eyes open and are being taken by the shapes and patterns of the leaves? Do you have your eyes closed and are exploring textures?

- Take a journal with you and jot down your embodied experience of the play.. let that experience integrate in your body-mind system.

- Wait a few days before trying to come up with the invitation itself..

- Ask the Forest for help

Tips for Walks:

- Because of our taming, we tend to plan things and I have a feeling that most of us, when we prepare for a walk, kind of have a few invitations up our sleeves for the Liminal stage of the walk.. for your next walk lean into that edge and don't plan any invitations..

- When you arrive at the Forest, when you greet it, notice what senses are alive for you.. how is the forest speaking to you?

- Trust your senses and trust the use of simple language..

We would love to hear about your experience and share it in the next newsletter! You can send it to us per email to

European ANFT Calls

Every month we plan professional development calls to support your training as a Forest Therapy Guide. And starting from 2020 we will organize regional calls every quarter for community building purposes within your region. 

Get your calendars out and schedule the calls that call to your attention. Better safe than sorry.

March/April 2020
Member Series Calls

1 March 2020

18:00 CET* - Setting up your business

w/ Nadine Mazzola

5 April 2020

18:00 CET* - Presenting about Forest Therapy at Conferences

w/ Amos Clifford

CET* - Central European Time

January / March 2020
Regional Calls

Central & East EU Region 
25th March 2020 - 19:00 CET

Theme: Guiding different populations/Groups w/ Ales 

Uk, Ireland & France Region

26th February 2020 - 20:00 CET

Theme: Insurance & Legal Requirements w/ Amanda

4th March 2020 - 20:00 CET

Theme: Guiding different populations/Groups w/ Amanda 

Germanic Region 

9 March 2020 - 19:00 CET

Theme: Guiding different populations/Groups w/ Kat 

South Europe Region 

8 March 2020 - 19:00 CET

Theme: Guiding different populations/Groups w/ Geeta

Scandinavian Region 

 15 March 2020 - 19:00 CET

Theme: Guiding different populations/Groups w/ Heidi 

NOTE: Recordings for these calls will be sent out via email by the facilitator of the call.

Call Schedule
Recordings of Past Calls
Trainers Facilitating Calls this Month

This month we'll have the pleasure of having calls with different trainers from the ANFT team.

Amos Clifford


Nadine Mazzola

Director of Practicum and Certification, Trainer & Mentor

Joshua Tree Trainers & Mentors Gathering 2020

In early January, the ANFT Trainers and Mentors gathered in the stunning Joshua Tree National Park for their annual summit. It was a week of rich learnings where we dived into the new manual and discussed important topics such as Social Justice and Inclusivity. Read Geeta's report of the Gathering below.

Read more
Brenda Spitzer
Meet a Guide

This month, our guide Brenda Spitzer from Illinois in the USA showered us with her reflections on her journey as a guide. Brenda was in Cohort 3.  Click below to read an interview with Brenda.

Full Interview HERE
For a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Here's some inspiration for this month...

Nature Connection
Arrows to the Heart

This month we share with you some Arrows to the Heart from Geeta:

The warmth of the air touches my skin,

The flutter of the butterfly announces Spring,

I am ready for new beginnings and to trust the sweet nectar of the flowers that bloom here.

Nadine Mazzola: Forest Bathing with your Dog
Book of the Month

This month we recommend our very own ANFT Leadership Team member Nadine's book.

"It's a Love Story: While this book is a guide about Forest Bathing with your dog, it's also a bit of a love story of your relationship with your dog, the forest you walk in and the land you live on."

 Find it HERE

ANFT European Council

P.O. BOX 1764, Santa Rosa
California CA95402 United States

Photo credits: ANFT, Geeta Stilwell

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