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MONTANA BLUEPRINT FOR LOVE was such a fun book to write. Partly because it’s the first in the series and I love beginings. But also because it gave me an excuse to watch hours of HGTV: Property Brothers, Home Town, Love It or List It, This Old House, etc….

As I wrote this story about a young woman at a crossroads in her life, I had no problem picturing her picking up a hammer to help her family, but I knew—even if she didn’t—that helping Boone Fielding flip her father’s “money pit” would bring Ruby back to her dreams and long-forgotten passion, which had been buried under a pile of obligations and expectations.

This book made me reflect on my path to becoming an author. My high school English teacher told me, “Deb, you’re a very good writer, but that’s not a practical career path. Maybe you should major in journalism.” So, I tried. For one semester. Then, I tried a bunch of other things. Eventually, I wound up working as a feature writer for a newspaper, but journalism was never my passion. (They sorta frowned on people making things up. 😉) So, I completely identified with Ruby’s need to rediscover what made her tick—building, remodeling, bringing old wrecks back to life.

And, because she was the firstborn of the McCall girls, she knew how to twist arms and make her sisters join in the “fun.” That each sister found herself AND her dream hero in the process was the best part of writing this series.

If you haven’t read the Property Sisters of Montana series, here’s your chance to download three books for the price of two. 😉 

PS: Tule’s policy it to revert the book to full price immediately after the 24-hour feature has run. Please grab it right away.

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Last week's Q&A was: Do you have a tattoo or body piercing?

I had to ask because a nose ring was the other gift Rya wanted for her birthday. I like to think I’d have been as cool about that request as my son was, but I’m pretty sure I’d have freaked out. I don’t know why. Your body belongs to you, and you have every right to express yourself as you see fit. 

I just remember what a hassle it was getting my ears pierced. My mother insisted I have the family doctor do it. He was ancient (well, probably my age now, but to my sixteen-year-old self, Methuselah had nothing on Dr. Watson (first name, Sheldon). He wasn’t thrilled to be part of this sacrilege, either. Which might explain why my holes wound up being different heights. And both got infected, which meant they never closed properly.

Moral of the story: piercings of any kind are not for me.

My two randomly selected winners this week are:

Linda Bass


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This week’s Q&ADo you have an InstantPot? (I just tried hard boiling eggs in mine. #mindblown)

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Next week: Bye-bye PortaPotty…a remodeling project at our shop & Memorial Day.



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