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Hello everyone!

I'm excited about my newest releases in the Vale Valley series. For this summer season, I wrote two, one under Michael and the other under my newest name, Brooklyn Roberts. Brooklyn is the FF pen for BLMorticia, so it's not totally new, but... you get the picture. 

Anyway, here is more information on both releases in the boxes below!

Blind Faith by BLMorticia aka Brooklyn Roberts

Blind Faith is live at Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited!

Liane dreads failing her parents, but the boss of Beyond the Vale is too hard to resist. 

Choosing their expectations over her own desires, Liane begins the process of becoming a nun. Throughout her childhood, she attended Catholic school, hoping to become a teacher and role model for young children. Although she secretly wants to lose her virginity to a woman, Liane stays chaste. Wouldn’t want to bring shame on her strictly religious parents. 

When it comes to relationships, Myra’s track record leaves a lot to be desired. Being the boss of a popular tattoo shop, she’s seen many people she found attractive. Myra hasn’t allowed the countless carousel of partners to bother her. With no desire for children, who needs a firm commitment? 

While Myra attends church, she and Liane lock eyes from across the aisle. Despite not wanting anyone long term, Myra is determined to make the shy omega nun her partner for life.

Blind Faith is book twelve of the popular multi-author series, Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone who needs love and a home. This is an omegaverse lesbian romance with FPreg, knotting, and heat. 

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Unforgettable Faith by Michael Mandrake

Father Joseph deadened himself to love, but Diego refuses to give up on romancing the ornery priest.

After Joseph spent part of his life running from captivity, he found solace in church. The only thing stopping him from true serenity is reassembling the broken pieces of his past. Fragments that cause him mental anguish and bring him to his knees. 

Diego’s travels lead him to Vale Valley to pitch a product, but when he prepares to leave, his wanton desire forces him to stay put. Despite not knowing what or why, Diego surrenders to his instincts. 

Wolves and tigers aren’t supposed to be buddies, so why is the attraction between them irresistible? Will they remain together regardless of issues that could tear them apart?

Unforgettable Faith is book thirteen of the popular multi-author series, Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone who needs love and a home. This is a story of chosen mates and forbidden love between two species not meant for each other. 

WARNING: The book includes knotting, sex under the altar, more fun with rosary beads, sappy romance, mentions of casual drug use, flashbacks of violence, and near death. 

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Michael & BL Muses

New and upcoming releases from friends!

Click on the covers below to purchase these fabulous books!

In the Name of the Father by Morticia Knight

Pre-Order to read free on KU or buy for $4.99

I was living a lie. I couldn’t be caught in my deception, or my family and friends would abandon me. But my fears became reality and I was cast away as if I were garbage. Then this man, a stranger, took me home and showed me that love can take on many forms, that I’m not filled with sin or doomed to go to hell because I’m gay. He showed me that I’m not broken. I don’t need to be fixed. What I need is to be nurtured and cared for. 

This man showed me that it’s okay to be his boy and to call him daddy…

Seth was a good Christian son raised in a very conservative church. 

He learned early on that the world is evil and filled with sinners—but the most horrible thing you can be is gay. When his shame is discovered, he’s shipped off to a special camp that fixes deviants like him. Years have passed since then, yet he still runs from himself every day.

Malcolm was a good daddy for almost 10 years before his boy died.

No longer daring to be too close with another man again, he’s avoided clubs and old friends that remind him of a life filled with a joy he can no longer have. Unable to find a purpose in his lonely existence, he spends night after night in a dive bar at the edge of town. However, witnessing a scared young man being harassed by two bullies jolts him out of his misery.

No one messes with someone vulnerable and helpless on his watch… 

Note: In the Name of the Father is a full-length, slow burn romance between an older daddy and a younger boy. You can expect lots of hurt/comfort, a daddy with some kinky tricks up his sleeve and a sweet HEA.

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Entwined by MM Wilde

Read for FREE with KU or buy for $2.99!

Sometimes dreams come true… Literally.

For as long as fae Bram can remember, he’s been anxiously awaiting the day he reaches his maturity. As a life-giver, it means his Alpha will finally become known to him and he can begin his own family. But when his one true mate doesn’t appear, the devastated omega fears he must be broken. 

Nerdy human Darby has been dumped by his boyfriend via email. As if that wasn’t bad enough—his job sucks, his tiny apartment is a hovel and he has no social life. And now he’s hallucinating that the cute twink who shows up in his dreams is in love with him. Clearly, he needs professional help.

When Bram learns that his Alpha is a human, he must cross the veil so they can be together. However, no fae can survive on the earthly plane for long before they die. If Darby doesn’t believe he truly exists, then Bram will have no choice but to leave his fated mate forever. 

Convincing a flustered human that fairies are real has never been so annoying—or so dire. Because now, there’s more than one life at stake… 

Note: Entwined is a standalone, mpreg romance story featuring a feisty fae omega, confused human Alpha and lots of fluffy feels. You can expect knotting, a dose of angst and a hard won happily-ever-after, complete with a sweet, surprise baby.


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