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It's Day 17 of the Tummy ATTACK Bootcamp!

Six Pack ATTACK 4 - The classic abs burner! This is a killer and does exactly what it says on the tin! You should be feeling stronger now as the days progress, so here is something to raise your 'own' game!

Read on to find out what you need to do today, your Tummy ATTACK recipe of the day, your GUT Health article and your Tummy ATTACK tip of the day!

Here's your Day 17 audio, CLICK HERE to listen - it's 12 minutes long.

Janey x

Don't forget, all of your content is available on the Tummy ATTACK password protected pages.

CLICK HERE for the Tummy ATTACK Welcome page (password: TA)
CLICK HERE for the Tummy ATTACK Week 3 page which contains your Day 17 videos (password: TA)

What you need to do today...

We've combined all different abs moves into minute sets and they are SUPER COOL and OMG nice and challenging!

We've also thrown in a little arms blast half way through too! So enjoy your workout and if you need longer in between the sets, just press pause!

Your Tummy ATTACK Daily Article!

This is such a fantastic article, all about the link between gut health and thyroid.

As I've been sharing with you so far, the gut, hormones, mood and immunity are all linked together, this explains some of the science behind it really well.

to read in full

Your Tummy ATTACK Recipe of the Day!

Easy Spinach Soup

Perfect for balancing out some cheat meals or indulgences.

I'd swap the double cream for coconut cream, and don't forget to add something like quinoa or prawns to make it more of a

Click here for the recipe

Your Tummy ATTACK Tip of the Day!

Don't forget to pull your tummy in!

Another reminder to make sure you are pulling your lower tummy in THE WHOLE TIME!

Do it standing up, sitting down, at your desk, as you drive, as you stand in the supermarket queue, wherever!

Also a reminder to watch portion sizes! We want to be satisfied not stuffed, and portion control can easily slip back up, especially as we hit weeks three and four! Reduce it by small amounts, remind yourself to eat slowly and it will really help you boost your TA results, especially towards the end.

Tummy picture inspiration!

What does fit and strong mean to you?

On the audio, I share with you some additional information about these women here, but all of you will have different opinions on these women's bodies, depending on what they mean for you!

Angie Lee...

This is an image I found as my personal body 'love'

More tummy picture inspiration!

What's your view on the 'Strong V Skinny' look?

Too extreme?

Ideal for you?

Or maybe your optimum body looks something more like this...

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