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Out and about

We went to the park near our house many times this week. I rode my scooter and shared snacks with squirrels. It's nice to get out.

Riding my scooter at the park
Feeding squirrels
Overlooking a ball-field
Drawing of blue skunk

I watched a drawing class from Brave Kids Art Club. It was a lot of fun and I will draw the owl next. I think other kids would like this too.

Watch videos
Typing games
Preview of kid's typing games

We found these KidzType games that help you learn and remember where letters are on the keyboard. My favorite is Typeroids Mission

Play typing games
Cutie pie, awww
Three very cute baby birds on branch
Preview of The Spider book
Book review
The Spider

This book is about spiders and has both real and pretend information about them. It's funny. I used a spelling dictionary to help with writing about the book.

Download Independent Reading PDF


Preview of Good Job! game
Great game
Good Job!

I just got this game and love it so much. I like that I can make a mess and launch people.


✨ Minecraft tip ✨

If you give a fish to a dolphin it will take you to a shipwreck where you can find amazing loot. 

🍪 Snackies 🍪

My favorite snack this week is Enjoy Life rice milk chocolate bars.

Get some chocolate

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