How can you ever be at the finish line with fermented beverages?

Toast to Our Health March Implementation Gut Club

Granita’s are the perfect palette pleaser to create a cooling snack or dessert, with flavours' in season .

6 organic oranges

3 rosemary / lavender sprigs

2/3 cup of water kefir (plain or ginger and turmeric) / mixed with kombucha (plain or lavender)

1 tablespoon raw honey

1 tablespoon water

Squeeze oranges into glass dish.

Finely chop one teaspoon of lavender or rosemary and add to dish.

Create simple syrup by heating honey, one tablespoon water, and 2 sprigs of lavender or rosemary.

Stir for five minutes until fragrant.

Strain herbs and add syrup to glass dish.

Add water kefir or kombucha and stir to combine.

Let set overnight adding last sprig of lavender or rosemary as garnish.

Using a large serving spoon, scrape the granita out of the glass dish and into stem-less wine glasses.

Water kefir grains never fail to fascinate us. 

They are so full of life, it's like watching a live lava lamp every day. 



a diverse diet. Their meals include high-mineral water, black strap molasses, whole cane sugar, rapadura, baking soda, calcium carbonate, clean crushed eggshells, Himalayan salt, lemons, ginger and various organic dried fruits (they


organic apricots, dates, raisins and coconut) and even carrot and fresh ginger, sometimes they have a spell from sugar and enjoy cold-pressed fresh organic apple juice and the occasional homemade date sugar - blended and dehydrated dates. They adore green coconut water, with the end result, similar to a fine champagne. With a 2nd ferment you can make many wonderful concoctions from ginger beer to tasty turmeric, blueberry + pineapple skins and more. Make a great sourdough bread starter or for quick pancakes and waffles, cakes etc. Fruit slushies, replacement for coconut milk.

Several sources claim water kefir helps with everything from improved digestion to obesity (by helping the intestinal flora stabilize and metabolize foods better) to eczema and psoriasis to ulcers and more. You can even wash your face with it, for smooth glowing skin. Our feather and fur family enjoy a handful of grains each day. By the way, they are not a grain at all - a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast - the pathway to a happy tummy is paved with good bacteria.

Adding water kefir grains to your family is like keeping a pet (I call them “my babies” and thank them and tell them how much we


'em every time I strain). 

You have to feed them every 48 hours (but don’t worry – they’re really hardy and it is very difficult to “kill” them). They’re a wonderful responsibility. They make you a grandparent. If you find that you have too many kefir grains to keep up with, you also have to promise that you’ll give the extra grains to someone who will really appreciate them. 

And the cycle of giving/receiving lives on. 

You have to



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