All of these lines across my face page,

tell you the story of who I am.

So many stories of where I’ve been and how I got to where I am. 

But these stories don’t mean anything 

when you got no one to tell them to, it’s true.

- from The Story by Brandi Carlile

Happy Valentine's Day, .

I'm dropping a line to you a bit early this week because today is the perfect day to talk about emotions - and the stories we tell that lead others to be "in their feelings" about our organizations. 

I'm not talking about a sob story; the kind we think we have to tell in order to pull on the purse strings, I mean, heartstrings of our donors and followers. I'm also not talking about scary stories; the kind of alarming, fear-based narratives that we often default to when the going gets tough. 

No, I'm talking about love stories

The ones that fill in the gaps and explain why we're on the missions we're on and how we got to where we are. The stories that leave our readers with a little flutter in their bellies and the feeling of wanting more. 

Sound dramatic? It could be. But it could also just be real, straightforward, and personal. Authenticity is something people feel and it might be all your emails need in order to capture the hearts of the donors you love. 

After all, the greatest love stories are the ones that are true

Can you try to think of ways to tell the love story of your organization to your audience on a regular basis? Because, although I took a small liberty with the lyrics above, the sentiment remains: every line can tell the story of who you are. And the story only matters if you tell it.

Since there's nothing quite like a good old rock ballad to get things stirring, I leave you with a live rendition of The Story. This one gets me every time. 

The Story - Brandi Carlile

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