Get ready to dive deep into what's new and noteworthy in the NomadMania world! Let's start with our biggest news - an introduction to the new DEEP feature!

At NomadMania, we celebrate those who dare to visit every country in the world. However, we believe that travelling isn't just about country-hopping; it's about how thoroughly you explore each place. This is why we have our 1301 regions!

So, we have created DEEP (Definite Exhaustive Exploring Proportion) - the ratio of visited regions to countries.

This unique scoring system was designed to reflect the depth of your travels. Together with our SLOW List, DEEP is another proof of our ongoing commitment to promoting sustainable and meaningful travel.

Bangkok Travel MeetUp – February 5

Warm up with us before this year's Extraordinary Travel Fest and join our meet-up in Bangkok! Orest, our Manager Partner at NomadMania, will share insights on Ukraine, while Ric Gazarian from ETF will talk about his adventures in Libya.

It's a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow travellers and gain fresh perspectives. Details of the event can be found here

New UN Masters: Kostiantyn, Osama and Michael

We end our 'Every Country in the World' month with three new UN Masters, all of whom achieved 193 in the week between January 20 and January 26.

  • Kostiantyn Liorek from Ukraine marked Samoa as his final destination, becoming the second Ukrainian to visit every UN country.
  • Osama Al-Awadhi, hailing from Kuwait/Finland, completed his journey in the Maldives, making him the first Kuwaiti, and first Arab that we know of, to achieve this feat.
  • Last but not least, we celebrate Michael Cederborg from Sweden, whose final stop was the picturesque island nation of Kiribati.

Looks like all 3 of January's UN Masters chose an exotic paradise to finish their journey. Is it going to be a new trend this year?

We've also updated our report on people who have visited every UN country - not only with the names above, but some other interesting data! It's a must-read for everyone with a travel bug!

Visiting Every Country Poll Results are here!

Finishing January's hot topic of "visiting every country", we are thrilled to announce that the results of our latest poll are now published!

This poll sheds light on various aspects of visiting every country in the world, reflecting the diverse experiences and perspectives within our community. Don't miss out on this opportunity to see what is the general sentiment and how your fellow travellers voted on these intriguing questions!

How do you feel about those who have visited every country? Which country do you consider the hardest to visit? And why do you think there are so much fewer women UN Masters? With more than 1,500 responses, we can say that this report truly is representative of the NomadMania community!

New DARE Locations in Western Europe

Last but not least, here are this week's additions to our DARE list, this time focusing on Western Europe. For those seeking unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences, these new locations are sure to inspire:


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