Have you ever felt so triggered that you've become overwhelmed with a sense of powerlessness? Maybe an unexpected bill dropped through the letter box (even when you have the means to pay for it), it could be someone close to you said something sour (or sweet), or maybe there's something you're trying to get done and it's not going to plan?

I have too, and it can be a great opportunity for an emotional clean-out if you can stay in your body and feel.

Last year I was at the cinema with a friend and at one point she replied to a question a bit tersely. And I immediately felt bad. It looked like she had 'made me want to cry'. But because I had enough presence of mind to know all feelings come from within, I could slow down and look at the situation from a 'distance'. I could see that the tone of voice she used provoked a thought-feeling reaction in me that had been created at some other time in my life in relation to that tone of voice.

She didn't say anything horrible, and her voice was crunchy because she was in a hurry to get to her seat. What did I do? I sunk into my own velvety-cushioned space, and felt into the emotion of my experience, without story.


Hello freedom. 


This is how we unchain creativity.


Sometimes something horrible has been said or done. In feeling into your emotional experience you'll have the clarity to know what to do, if anything, as you shift from a state of powerlessness to a state of powerfulness.


In a nutshell:

+ Acknowledge the 'perception'.

+ Feel deeply - leaning into the emotion

+ Steward your intention (to stay in your body) and your attention (noticing where the feeling is coming from).

+ Follow the clues, as the breeze of clarity blows gently through your being.


"Our inherent power is always made available to us by going through whatever emotional experience is coming up for us right now."


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Create beauty,

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