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The Coming of the Nightmare

Nightmare. Horror. Monster.

We all have images come to our minds when we hear these words. We see men in masks, we see demons under beds. Our imaginations conjure up the worst of the worst and we feel a variety of different emotions and thoughts.

In Crisis of Fate, the new book I release in two days, I expose the greatest nightmare of my world. His name is Septimuut and he is an assassin.

Long ago, when the gods created the world, they made a man to craft the races while they fought a war for the world itself. This is common knowledge in my mythology, the details being given in my short story collection Legends of Perilisc. Well, when he made that craftsman, he gave the man a desire to create equality. He was to make good as often as evil, and this desire was all-consuming.

This craftsman, whom the gods named Simon Bard, created a wizard from a massive chunk of glass. This wizard helped Simon in the creation of the races. When that creation was done, Simon named the glass man Andre and called him a Guardian. He would go on to make many guardians as he continued through life after the God War, but as he made them one-by-one, the need to create an evil Guardian grew in his mind. Soon he felt compelled to make Septimuut, the Guardian that came to be called the Obsidian Assassin.

Every Guardian is given a chore and once it is accomplished they are set free to do as they wish. When Septimuut was created, he was not given a chore. He was so evil that Simon did not want him released into the world to do as he pleased, so he never told him a job to do and he never woke Septimuut up. He sank him into the ocean and there he sat, waiting for the day when Simon would call on him.

Tens of thousands of years went by and Simon kept his darkest child hidden until a creature came about that could not be killed, and Simon was forced to wake the monster he had made and set him free. He was given the name of his first kill and Septimuut went hunting for the first time.

Now, that story is also told in the short story collection Legends of Perilisc and nowhere else. It is as if I feared releasing Septimuut onto the world as well. For tens of thousands of years, Septimuut has been hidden. My most terrifying monster stashed away where he could do no harm.

Well, I needed him for Crisis of Fate. I needed the most proficient, most heartless, most horrifying weapon at my command for the telling of this story. So, look for him in my new release. Find my nightmare on the pages and imagine what he will do now that I have unleashed him.

Book Signings

Con and Book Fair season has started up for me and it started with a bang! I had a very good weekend last weekend at ArtCon in Neosho, Missouri, and I will be all over the place this year meeting readers, signing books and talking about goats. Come out and see me!

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