As promised, here's the Valentine's Day bonus scene featuring Zach & Delia from Let's Get Textual!

NOTE: This is completely unedited, so sorry about any typos!




“Zach, you about ready?”


I hit save on the snippet of code I’m working on and put my laptop to sleep before closing the lid. I have this weird obsession where I always put my computer to sleep when I’m not staring at it. It needs some shuteye too, right?

After slipping my feet into my shoes, grabbing my jacket and keys off the chair, I head to the stairs to meet up with my hopefully soon-to-be ex-roommate Robbie.

I’m not an ass (most of the time), but I say hopefully soon-to-be because tonight, on Valentine’s Day, I’m asking my girlfriend Delia to move in with me.

We haven’t been together that long yet, less than six months, but you know what they say: when you know, you know.

And I definitely fucking know.

This girl came crashing into my world last year via a wrong number and I haven’t been able to get her off my mind since. We have so much and nothing in common all at once. She’s become my person in such a short amount of time, and I can’t see her never being in my life.

Add in all the bullshit we’ve already had to endure thanks to my jackass stepbrother, who I’m still not speaking to, I know we’re ready.

We’re solid.

“Zaaaach,” Robbie draws my name out in annoyance from the top of the stairs.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m coming. Hold on to your Barbie panties.”

“They are not Barbie. They’re Bratz dolls.”

“You’re joking…”

“Am I?”

With Robbie? Who knows.

Shaking my head, I climb the stairs to the main level of the house.

Making my way into the living room, Robbie on my heels, I peer out the bay windows, checking on my baby goats Marshmallow, Graham Cracker, and Milk Chocolate and making sure they’re secure in the house I built for them before locking up.

We climb into my car and begin our trek across town. We’re about five miles down the road before Robbie speaks again.

“Are you sure she’s ready to move in? That’s a huge step. What if Delia says no?”

I chuckle and run a hand down my chest. “Please, like she could say no to all of this.”

I don’t even have to be looking at Robbie to know he rolls his eyes.

“Many girls would say no to all of that.”

“But not Delia,” I argue.

Maybe not Delia.”

“No. No maybe bullshit. Think positive, Robbie.”

“Why? So I can be kicked out of my house?”

“You’re not being kicked out. You could totally still live with us if you want.”

“And have to hear, ‘Oh, please, Professor McGonagall, let me into your Chamber of Secrets.’” He shudders. “Which is really fucking gross because McGonagall is old as shit, man. Do you really wanna slide all up into that dried up Chamber of Secrets?”

“One, it’s called roleplay. McGonagall is young in our fantasies. Two, you listen to us?”

“You act like I have a choice. Do you have any idea how loud you two can get?”

I smirk, because I do know. It’s loud. “Don’t you own headphones or something?”

“So now I have to wear headphones in my own home while you go to Nerd Funkytown with your lady? No way, bro.”


He rolls his eyes again and mutters, “Whatever.”

“Robbie, man, I want to be sure you’re okay with this before I go through with it. You’re my main man and I don’t want to cause any trouble between us.”

He twists his face up. “Shut the hell up, dude. If I had a problem, I wouldn’t beat around the bush with it. I’d let you know. I’m just giving you shit. We’re good. I’ll never repeat this sappy trash again, but I admire the relationship you and Delia have built. I think you’re good for each other on many levels and I know you’re going to make it the long haul. So, I’m good. Besides, it’s about time I got my own place for Xavier’s sake. He needs to see his dad being a grownup and providing for him. We both know I’ve been slacking in that area for far too long now.”

“You’re a good father, Robbie.”

“I know. I never said I wasn’t. I’m just saying that I need to get out on my own. I need to step up my game.”

“Fair enough. And you sure you’re good with…” I gesture toward him, hoping he’ll fill in the blank. Talking money with your friends is always awkward.

“Do you have any idea how much I’ve saved living with your ass when you wouldn’t let me pay for shit? Yeah, Zach. I’m good.”

I steer the car into a lot and pull into a parking space, pushing the car into park.

“Good. Now, get the fuck out of my car. I have supplies to pick up.”

“You’re either insane for doing this, or you’re a damn genius.”

“I’m going with genius.”

He pushes open the door and steps out.

“Make good choices! And for the love of all things holy, wear a fucking condom, man.”

Robbie flips me off and slams my door closed, cutting off my laughter. He strolls into Lola’s, his choice of establishment this fine Valentine’s Day, and I silently remind myself to shoot him a text later to give me a call if he needs a ride.

I pull out of the lot and head to my next destination, wanting to rub my hands together with glee.

Delia’s going to love this.






The doorbell chimes throughout the house and all I hear is the bleating of goats because they know Mama has arrived.

I race the Nigerian Dwarf goats, nearly tripping over them as I try to pull open the front door.

Delia jumps up and down and claps her hands at the sight of them, just as in love as she was the day we got them.

“Hi babies! Mama’s here!”

She drops to her knees right there on the porch and lets the goats swarm her, giving them rubs and hugs and kisses.

“Ah, I see how it is. Buy a girl some goats and she’ll leave you for them.”

“Maybe you should try being as cute as them from time to time.” She grins up at me.

“I am as cute as them. Hell, even cuter.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

She stands, herding the goats inside as I shut the door behind her. I pull her into my arms, gripping her by the waist and hugging her close to me.

She lets out a squeal of delight just as I press my lips to hers.

I take my time giving her the best first Valentine’s Day kiss I can, moving my lips over hers in seduction. Her body begins to melt against mine and I tighten my grip on her before she goes down.

“Hi,” she says breathlessly when I finally pull away.

“Hey gorgeous.”

“Gorgeous, huh? What do you want?”

I let her go, laughing. “Nothing. Just complimenting my girl.”

Gorgeous. My girl. Yeah, you want something. I’m not doing anal, Zach.”

I point a finger at her. “That is not what you said last week!”

“I said maybe.”

“It’s a special occasion, Delia. There’s never a better time for maybes than special occasions.”

“No. Butt. Stuff. Tonight.”

“But butt stuff isn’t completely off the table?”

She gives me a saucy grin. “We’ll see.”

“Glad you could see it my way.” I wink. “Now, come on. Let’s get this evening started. Let me put the kids away.”

She bends down and gives them all pets. “Bye, my sweeties. I’ll see you all later.”

“I’m taking them outside. Why don’t you pour us some wine? Or beer. Whatever you want, babe.”

“Babe too?” she teases.

I laugh and corral the goats, pushing them out the back door and into their little house.

I make sure the latch the door tightly and then make my way back inside, praying Delia’s still in the kitchen so she doesn’t ruin the surprise.

My heart rate calms when I find her still pouring a glass of wine.

She slides a beer my way as she puts the bottle back into the fridge.

“How’d you know?”

“What? You thought I missed your not-so-subtle hint earlier?”

I grin at her and reach for her hand. “Come on upstairs. I have something for you.”

“For me? A gift? Are we Valentine’s Day gift people?”

“It’s sort of a gift for me too.”

“I already told you: no butt stuff.”

“And I said we’ll see.”



“It’s not butt stuff. It’s something you’ll love…I hope.”

“Fine. You’ve convinced me. Lead the way.”

I pull her behind me, leading her up the stairs. We to pause at the top to move the baby gate I have up.

“What’s that for?”

“It was necessary to keep the kids downstairs.”

She eyes me warily.

“What?” I say. “You’ll see. After you.”

“After me?”

“Yep. Scoot. Don’t want it to get cold.”

Her brows scrunch together but she moves down the hall toward my bedroom. The lights are turned down low but the closer we the brighter the glow grows.

Halfway there she turns back and smiles at me. “Did you do rose petals?”

“Even better.”


“Oh yeah.”

She grins and keeps walking as I casually trail behind her.

When she rounds the entrance to my room, she lets out a loud laugh and I pick up my pace so I can see her delight.

She’s bent over, shoveling the first piece of pizza into her mouth.

“You made me a trail of pizza slices?”

I lift my shoulder. “What can I say? I know the way to your heart.”

She laughs and grabs the next plate and then the next until she’s standing by the bed with six plates of pizza and nowhere to go.

“A heart shaped pizza? Ohmygosh You totally love me.”

Oh hell yes I do.

She peers down at the pizza on the bed again, her lips pulled back into a huge smile. I watch patiently as her eyes fall to the center of the pizza where the support sits.

Her gaze snaps to mine. “Is that…”


“Are you asking me…”


“Isn’t it too soon?”

“Do you think it is?” I counter.

She chews on her lip, staring down at the key again. “I…” A pause. “No, I don’t think so. It feels…right.”


She nods. “Yeah. It feels really right.”

I grin and stalk toward her, but she shakes her head when I’m almost there and I stop in my tracks.

“Say it.”


“I want to hear you say it,” she tells me.

“You want a big fancy speech, huh?”

“Nah. Just ask.”

“Delia, my food whore who I love with my whole damn heart, will you move in with me?”

She lifts a shoulder. “I’ll think about it.”

I race toward her, swooping her into my arms, a piece of pizza she was holding smashing against us while the rest falls to the floor.

Poor pizza.

She grins down at me. “I didn’t know you were into food play. We could have brought this into the bedroom long before.

“Delia Devlin, mother of my goats, will you please move in with me? Pretty please?”

“You promise to let me eat pizza in bed at least once a week?”

“I…” Fuck. I really don’t want crumbs in there but for her… “Yes.

“And I always get the last piece?”


“And you’ll share your ranch?”

“You’re walking a thin line, woman.”

She leans down and presses a quick kiss to my lips. “I love it when you call me woman like that. You growl it and it’s so sexy.”

“Oh yeah?”

She nods.

“I’ll call you woman every damn day if you move in with me.”

She leans close again and whispers, “I was going to say yes anyway, but deal.”

I go to crush my lips to hers and she pulls back, pushing at me to let her down so I do.

“No way, mister. I like a clean house.” She climbs into the bed and snags another piece of pizza, taking a bite. “Get to cleanin’.”

“Get to cleaning? Seriously? It’s Valentine’s Day. I thought we could, you know, bang.”

“Bang? Is that what we do?”

“Oh, we totally bang.”

“Good Lord, Zachary.” She knows I hate it when she calls me that. “We’re not banging up all this pizza is cleaned up.”

“All of it?”

“Yep.” She winks. “Oh, and strip.”

Best. Valentine’s Day. Ever.


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