DrJoyCoaching Newsletter, vol. 12

October, 2021 

Hi Friends, 

Did you ever think that in October of 2021 we would still be dealing with the pandemic? I know, you're mentally and emotionally exhausted, tired of wearing a mask all the time, tired of the restrictions on socializing and traveling. You're seeing patients on Zoom, having meetings on Zoom, spouses are Zooming from home.


  I wish I had stock in Zoom!  At least the kids are back in school, but that leaves many of us with an uneasy feeling too.  Does this sound familiar? 

Can we just flush this past year down the toilet? 

With all that, though, surely there have been some good things that have happened, or things that you have learned during the pandemic. Here are a few I can share from my life. 

So, speaking of toilets, two of our three toilets started having issues recently (after all, SO many flushes during the pandemic). My husband is not usually the handyman-type, but he was the one at home... and he did manage to fix both of them, after several trips back and forth to the hardware store! Yay!  What about you? Did you start any home projects? 

Golf.  Spending time on the golf course with family and friends, and working on my game, have been my saving grace this past year.  I know many women physicians who have been walking more, doing home exercise regimens, and getting more sleep.  How is your fitness level? Did it get worse or better this past year? What are your fitness goals moving forward? 

Contemplation. I have spoken with so many women (and men) physicians who have used this pandemic experience to re-prioritizing their lives. By looking at what brings you joy and happiness, and what really doesn't, you may decide you need to make some changes. This feeling may not be burnout per se, but it's enough to warrant a re-exploration of your values, desires, and choices.  I realized that I really do love coaching my female colleagues! But I also love seeing patients part-time, so I'm going forward doing both for a while! I am so fortunate to have the ability to design my life the way I want it. What would you do to design a life that fulfills you? 

Life is filled with uncertainties. If you wait too long to enjoy what this life has to offer, then, well, you will have missed out on so much. I hear lots of reasons (excuses) why people don't take action--"I just need a little more time, it's not the RIGHT time, I don't have enough information, it never works out for me"- but these negative voices in your head are just that, voices. And if you believe them, you will never move forward.  What are your voices saying to you that are keeping you stuck? 

Are you ready to take action?! 

Even if you don't know EXACTLY what that is, you can take steps toward change. Learning to recognize and conquer those negative voices in your head is the first step. Once you can quiet them, you will hear your inner wisdom speaking to you --maybe in just a whisper, but she's there. 

I would love to help you, to learn how to conquer the inner voices, and to take action toward finding YOUR most fulfilled life!   If you're interested in learning more about coaching with me, please just hit reply! 

Be well, and don't forget to breathe...


P. S. Please feel free to check out my website www.DrJoyCoaching.net, and follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram (@DrJoyCoaching). Also, if you know another woman physician you think would benefit from coaching, please forward this email to her! 

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