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Best Sellers May


‘Phosphorescence: On Awe, Wonder and Things That Sustain You When the World Goes Dark’ was #1 with 2234 sales, up from #2 with 1239 sales last month.

‘Normal People’ rose to #2 from #16 (367) with 1451 sales this month

‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ holds at #3 with 1351

To continue the monitoring of  ‘Bluey’ titles in the top 50, there are 6 titles this month and their total beats the #1 this month with a total sales of 2398.

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The sales KPIs show an impressive bounce back in NZ and Australia. Australia is doing better than NZ in both months, possibly due to the less harsh lockdown in April. It will be interesting to see if NZ can catchup in the months to come.

Sales in April/May 2019 vs. April/May 2020:

  • Australia: -27/-6.24%
  • New Zealand: -88/-10.82%

System traffic

  • 2.1 million page views in May 2020 (May 2019 was 1.2 million). The increase seems to be Covid-19 driven - December 2019 (Xmas) was 1.5 million for example. 


We have left the 25% discount on this month but will be removing it from July. Normal fee decreases that come with falling turnover will start to click in from now where turnovers remain down.

Part time trainer wanted

We are looking for a part time trainer to help new shops get started, ideally someone that works or has worked in a bookshop. If you have some spare time, are reasonably tech savvy and know Circle well we would like to hear from you. Email

Development in May

This month we did a lot of system admin and database optimisation. We resolved some eWay issues, improved website checkout and the forgot password process. We improved customer orders with a new item based view and wish list contact management. In load stock a TitlePage data feed has been added. The new improvements can be tested on the new R4 beta version.

In progress

  • New item base web order fulfilment to make filling web orders faster and easier
  • Tyro e-commerce gateway option for credit card payments
  • New streamlined web checkout
  • File upload optimization
  • Infrastructure and system upgrades

See all Improvements in May here

The Lockdown relief swing (across the road from home)

Lockdown achievements

(Since I took over the home office Emma took to youtube and the kitchen to master sourdough).

Warwick Schaffer


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