Remember Jane Fonda's workout? Richard Simmons and Tae Bo? Let's look at fitness trends over the years.

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April 28, 2019 Newsletter

Fitness Trends Over the Years

There have been lots of fitness trends over the years. Most of them are designed to get results fast with little work and effort on our part. I thought it would be interesting to review some of the big fitness trends over the years. There's been some good ones and I bet you've participating in some of them. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

You might think fitness trends are new, and that they came in with television infomercials or the internet and social media. However since it's in our human nature to get results as quick as possible fitness trends have been around a long time and we'll continue to see fitness trends.

Back in the 1950's and 1960's we saw vibrating belts introduced. They were supposed to melt our fat away. This trend stayed around until scientists discovered that you can't vibrate fat away. Our desire for results made us believe that the vibrating belt worked. I'm sure you've seen the videos on social media!

On the complete flip side to the vibrating belt in the 1970's, probably thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger we saw the increase in bodybuilding. Now bodybuilding had been around much longer than the 1970's however it was in the 70's that it became mainstream. As you're reading this you're probably thinking to yourself the phase 'pump you up' which was also brought to the mainstream with SNL's Hans and Franz. Bodybuilding is still popular today, but we know that adding in strength training to our training program isn't going to make us body builders.

The 1980's brought us Jane Fonda and aerobics. After Fonda released her workout video everyone and their mother was doing aerobics. In fact I know my own mother was doing aerobics in the 80's. Now aerobics is still around today and will in fact give you a great workout so let's not knock this trend!

Also in the 80's we saw Jazzercise. Now I know you know about this trend because the videos are still floating around social media. While the videos look silly it is a great aerobic workout and helped a lot of people start working out. Who doesn't like to laugh as they workout.

Another aerobic trend from the 80's was Richard Simmons sweatin' to the oldies. Now I was at a fitness conference about seven years ago and Richard Simmons was there presenting. In a large room of fitness professionals people still flocked to him. I think there's something about his energy and personality that people just gravitate to.

Moving onto the 90's we saw the thighmaster and the ab roller come onto the fitness scene. The thighmaster was the solution for people wanting a 'thigh gap' and was a very popular product. The ab roller and 8 minute abs came out to solve our desire for flat, rock hard abs. We know now that having a 'six pack' is just for vanity and having a functionally strong core serves you better in exercising, running and life. 

The last 90's brought us Billy Blanks and Tae Bo. Now don't tell me you haven't seen one of these informortials and thought 'man I need to do this workout.' Billy Blanks has a strong charisma that made you want to get up and workout. He also promised results in a short period of time. I'm sure you can see find these workout VHS's laying around.

In the early 2000's we saw P90x come out with high intensity workouts. I know a lot of people still do these workouts. High intensity workouts allow you to do shorter workouts. I know this is a popular lunch time workout for a lot of people.

The 2000's also brought the rise of yoga and barre workouts making flexibility workouts more mainstream. Now yoga has been around for thousands of years, but in the 2000's we saw it come out to the forefront and more people becoming yogis. 

In 2012 we saw Zumba come onto the fitness scene with a big crash. Zumba was the fun energetic workout people were looking for. From the music to the clothing if you did Zumba you were all in.

It's fun to look back and review all these fitness trends. As a fitness professional it reminds me that I always need to be learning and updating my skills. As we grow as a society so does our technology. This does impact how we workout. Send me a message on twitter @srunsfitness and let me know what your favourite fitness trend is. Bonus points if you use a gif.



Trendy Fitness

Fitness trends have been around for a long time and we'll keep seeing more. In fact my fitness certification association e-mails out the top fitness trends each year. Things to look out for and what will be popular that coming year. I think as a society we are always looking for the next big thing. We think we need to change things up to keep fitness exciting.

I'm not opposed to fitness trends, even the trends that are just repackaged and remarketed aspects of fitness. My view is the more people who are working out and getting healthy the better! We know how working out makes us feel and how it improves our bodies and ideally I wish everyone could experience that.

Some of the fitness trends we see make fitness, fun, and accessible to a larger audience. A lot of the more popular trends brought cardio fitness to the masses. Some, like P90X brought in strength training as well. I look at some of these trends like 'gateway drugs.' They get people in the active lifestyle before they venture out and try new things and build new routines. Not everyone can get up and start running and that's okay. We all have to start somewhere.

When I attend fitness conferences I like to attend classes and workshops that have me trying out these new trends. Even when you've been working out or running for years you can fall out of love with it. That's when you can use these fitness trends or classes to re-spark your love of fitness. Making fitness fun is never a bad thing, everyone wins and you get a good workout in!

So next time someone tells you they are participating in the latest fitness trend workout tell them good job! Also consider joining in, who knows your friend might join you in a run as well!

Group Coaching

I love working with runners and helping them reach to goals and accomplish things they never thought were possible. I love working with runners and athletes one on one but I also like working with groups of runners. This week on twitter I ran a poll asking if you'd be interested in a group coaching program. There was some interest so I thought I'd ask if you would be interested in a group coaching program. I haven't finalized all the details as I want to know if there's interest. If there is interest I will run a group program! Here's what I'm thinking:

  • A group coaching program with the goal of a half marathon at the end
  • The dates would be July to September (*exact dates TBD*)
  • You would receive your workouts weekly in a  closed group environment (*most likely a Facebook group*)
  • There would be a weekly group live video where you can hop on ask questions and share how training is going
  • You can e-mail me questions or ask them in the group setting
  • Option to have your workouts uploaded to training peaks (for an additional fee)
  • All of this for $150 USD

Now group coaching differs from one on one coaching in the fact that you'll all be using the same training plan. What I love about coaching a group is that you have other runners doing the exact same workouts as you. You can share your workouts with your fellow runners and share your highs and lows.

I'm still looking to see is there's interest to run this program. I'd need a minimum of five runners to run this program and I would cap the group at twelve. If you want in reply to this e-mail and let me know. If I get enough interest I'll finalize details and let you know. I'd love to help coach you to a half marathon this summer/fall!

You can see the training plans I have for sale in my Training Peak's store. I am also available for one on one coaching, reviewing your current training plan and creating customized training plans. Send me an e-mail to discuss further. (You can reply to this e-mail and I'll get it!)

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