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Clinical Updates in COVID-19
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Care For Vulnerable Populations during COVID-19 Pandemic

Clinical Updates in COVID-19 Webinar on 21st May 2020 will focus on care for vulnerable populations during COVID-19 pandemic.

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How to join the webinar?

There are 6 ways to watch the webinar live. You join us live using your preferred social media account or one of the options below. Don't forget to use to ask questions. As usual our event code is #hcsmMY

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Previously, on Clinical Updates in COVID-19 webinar
The flip side of the COVID-19 pandemic

Last Thursday, a team of experts from Ministry of Health Malaysia and University of Malaya discussed on how the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the emergency department services, MyHDW and mortality in the country.

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Editors' pick
Differences between COVID-19 and Dengue

adapted from Dr. Mahathar Abd Wahab's slide 'Living with COVID-19: How it Changes the EM Practices', from the Clinical Updates in COVID-19 Webinar on the 14 May 2020

DDx Dengue VS COVID-19
DDx Dengue VS COVID-19
DDx Dengue VS COVID-19
DDx Dengue VS COVID-19
Summary by Datuk Dr. Christopher Lee
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