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FCLE: A New Opportunity

Since 2018, the Center of Testing and Career Certification has been at the forefront of assisting FIU students with achieving their Florida Civic Literacy Competency requirement for graduation through exams like CLEP – American Government and the Florida Civic Literacy Test (CIV 2222). Now, there’s a new option for our students who were admitted during and after Summer B of 2021. The Florida Civic Literacy Exam! 

The Florida Civic Literacy Exam or FCLE for short, assesses students’ civic literacy competency by making sure there is an understanding of the basic principles and practices of American democracy as well as an understanding of the US Constitution, previous founding documents, and landmark Supreme Court cases that all shape our country’s law and society. 

The FCLE will be administered through the University Testing Centers at MMC and BBC. Visit for more information on the exam, such as how to register for the exam, what the exam will entail, and review materials to help make sure FIU students can get the best results possible! 

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Florida International University is well respected among its SUS peers for its service, vast influence, and social-capital to the South Florida Community and beyond. The Center for Testing and Career Certification (CTCC) as an agent of FIU, takes its responsibility to students and community seriously, so when CTCC is recognized twice in the same calendar year by College Board for its regional and national management of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), it brings great pride to the work that we do and by extension to the institution.  “By no means is this the first time that we have been recognized by College Board, yet this two-for recognition sharply underscores our commitment to our students who aspire to accelerate their paths toward graduation,” said Dr. Dwight Nimblett, Director of CTCC. College Board, as a token of its appreciation for the decades long collaboration has sponsored an all out luncheon for the staff and collaborators of CTCC.  So, who ever said that there is no such thing as a free lunch… the picture proves that old adage wrong. 

Eventbrite: More than just parties

Eventbrite is more than just a platform for hosting parties. It is a dynamic event management tool that helps businesses and individuals organize, promote, and manage events. From simple meetups to large conferences, Eventbrite enables users to manage every aspect, from setting up ticket sales to creating promotional campaigns. Eventbrite also provides tools to help track and analyze the performance of events, allowing organizers to gain valuable insights into the success of their events. 

CTCC discovered that Eventbrite was an effective way to manage our exam registrations. It provides a range of features, such as custom branding, multiple ticket types, candidate history tracking, payment processing, and analytics platforms. Eventbrite allowed us to use integrations such as custom workflows through triggers, actions, and searches. These features and integrations benefited us by lowering fees while simultaneously increasing revenue, along with an improved user experience. 

Widening our scope with MPAS

Your Center for Testing and Career Certification (CTCC) is always seeking opportunities to form and cultivate new relationships with colleagues from the various centers, programs, and/or colleges here within our fine institution. This past fall semester, we were pleased to meet with administration from the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, specifically the Master in Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS). The curriculum for this study entails preparing students for the role of a physician assistant and enhancing their leadership skills needed to thrive in the health care system. 

Where does CTCC come into play here? As in all areas of education, there are assessments needed to validate the material, competencies, and skills that ought to be acquired by learners from completion of courses. In this instance, MPAS enrollees are required to complete particular rotations and afterwards must pass an examination for such in order to move on to the next set of courses. Collaborating with the administrators of MPAS, CTCC has been able to offer our minimum-distraction, dedicated testing space for the use of many students of the program. Providing a very similar experience to what these test-takers can expect when they go to take their board examinations, our staff have ensured that the test-stations, technology, and allowed testing materials are up-to-date and ready for use. CTCC is proud to cooperate with MPAS and the students therein to help contribute to their current coursework and ultimately their futures. 

Meet, Eat and Be Thankful

On November 16, 2022, Career and Talent Development (CTD) along with the Center for Testing and Career Certification (CTCC) met at the beautiful Biscayne Bay Campus (BBC) for an all-teams meeting. The meeting was adorned with themes of fall, the spirit of thanks and a wonderful view of the Biscayne Bay.  


The meeting began with a warm welcome from Andrea Ramos, Director of Community Relations, with the Vice Provost Council and Harold Clayton, Associate Director of CTD at BBC. Dr. Ruth Pacheco, Executive Director of Integrated Industry Partnerships and Career Readiness, delivered a comprehensive report highlighting the departments’ achievements and goals. Some portions to feature would be CTCC’s overview on the value of industry certifications and CTD providing a synopsis of their popular upcoming Career Expo. CTD now offers the Career Expo virtually, ensuring that students and alumni alike are able to connect with employers in various locales.  

Through services such as these the departments work together to support students’ transition to career. A riveting conversation came into play when CTCC’s presentation asked, “How can we work together, CTCC and CTD, to better understand what certifications our FIU community needs to stay competitive?” During this time the teams discussed what are sure to be the newest innovations of the departments’ collaborations.  

This meeting wasn’t all talk. A catered buffet of Thanksgiving fare was served overlooking the bay. It ended with a nice walking tour of the Biscayne Bay Campus to walk off the pre-Thanksgiving feast and food for thought for our centers. 

Bookmark This!

Effective July 1, 2023, the CLEP® exam fee will be $93. Test takers who purchase their registration tickets on or after this date will be charged the new fee. Registration tickets purchased prior to this date will still be valid until their stated expiration dates. If you have any questions, email College Board at

CTCC was humbled to be a recipient of the 2022 CLEP Honors National Achievement award! Our dedication is fueled by the many students and those within our surrounding community that elect to test at our facilities. Thank you for choosing us!

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