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2. Stress Management Video

"Reduce Stress Through Diffusion"

When someone has a great idea, how is it conveyed in a picture or cartoon? A light bulb appears over the person's head! The image illustrates diffusion animation. That image of the lightbulb is an example of diffusion of light. And this illustration can serve to reduce stress.

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3. Parenting Without Stress

Once you understand that you can control your children—but cannot CHANGE them—your stress will be reduced and you will gain the joy that parenting has to offer.

Former U.S. President, Dwight David Eisenhower, served as the commanding officer of the United Nations forces during WWII. During that effort, "Ike," as he was referred to, worked with a variety of different personalities from various countries. His definition of leadership is worth remembering: Leadership is the art of getting people to do something you want done because they want to do it.

Ike demonstrated this aphorism by taking a piece of yarn and then pushing it. The front of the yarn did not move. Then he pulled the piece of yarn from the front, and the rest of the yarn followed.

The same approach holds true with anyone—including young people. Stop pushing, reduce your stress, and become more effective. Learn the skill of asking reflective questions to have your children reflect on their choices. When you have a rubric such as the Hierarchy of Development and ask the level they are choosing, you will be amazed at how simple and effective you will be to have them do what YOU want them to do because they WANT to.

4. Discipline Without Stress

Be cautious of asking “Why?” questions; they have an accusatory overtone. They also allow the person to give an excuse, be a victim, and avoid responsibility. Besides, young people often do not know why they do what they do. Even if they were able to articulate the reason, it is demeaning. No one enjoys admitting a poor decision.

5. Living Without Stress Tip

Rene Descartes’ wrote, “I think; therefore, I am.” This incorrect perception still has a significant influence on our thinking today because it rejects the fact that the brain and the body are so inextricably interwoven that they cannot be separated.

We now have incontrovertible evidence proving that thinking affects the body. The brain is so interwoven by collections of systems that body and brain cannot be separated. Convincing confirmation has proven that feelings (emotions) cannot be separated from cognition (thinking). In short, your thinking significantly affects your emotions, which in turn affects your body’s stress level. Your understanding of this connection is critical to reducing stress—specifically (1) the effect that our thoughts have on our body and (2) the effect that our physical health has on our brain.

So, if you want to reduce your stress, think of what you can do (positivity), rather than what you can't or don't want to do.

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6. Helping Teachers Create Stress-Free Classrooms

If you are a teacher, administrator, or have any other leadership role in education, you have a professional responsibility to learn how to create stress-free classrooms. Bribing to control (as in PBIS) creates competition and stress—as well as Restitution and any other program using external motivational models or theories.

You should know how to handle every discipline or behavior problem simply and easily using internal motivation to promote responsible behavior—simply because our democracy depends on this characteristic.

You should be aware of:

  • Three universal practices to reduce stress and increase effectiveness,
  • The only totally noncoercive but never permissive discipline system,
  • The classroom management key to make instruction efficient, and
  • How to use internal motivation to increase academic achievement.

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