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Kaizen Kids Newsletter - August 2017


Apologoes; re-sending the newsletter with Molly's photo.

Welcome to the next edition of the Children's newsletter.  Hope all the children enjoyed the school holidays and are well settled back into school.

This issue includes the grading held on Sunday 13th August.

We always welcome feedback and ideas for articles. If you have any news you would like to share with our karate family please feel free to send your contributions in or talk to us at the dojo.

Children's Grading - Sunday 13th August

Well done to the following children who took part in the Children's grading on Sunday 13th August.

Promotion to Advanced Blue Belt [7th Kyu]:

Jackson Chin

Promotion to Advanced Blue Belt [7th Kyu]:

Dylan Wahapa

Promotion to Yellow Belt [7th Kyu]:

Helene Finlayson

Promotion to Advanced Yellow Belt [7th Kyu]:

Sam Elton, Oscar Ames

Promotion to Green Belt [7th Kyu]:

James Creamer

Above Left:  The grading starts

Above Right: Kyoshi Avis officiated 

Above: Jackson showing Self Defence

Above Left: Lovely form from Dylan

Above Right:  Yellow belts doing kata

Above: Sam in kiba dachi

Above Left:  More self defences

Above Right:  Sam kicking the bag

Above:  Helene shows a perfect boat

Below Left:  Jackson thanks his teacher

Below Right: Preparing to kick the bag

Above:  Oscar on the bag

Japanese Clothing Series


A full-length robe made of silk which is worn by both men and women. Men usually have a simple black or brown-colored kimono.  There are different designs for women.  Traditionally an unmarried woman wears a furisode with swinging sleeves kimono which has long sleeves.  A woman chooses her kimono according to her age and marital status, type and color of the garment used, its symbolism and the occasion. During winter kimonos are of woolen fabric are worn more often. For funerals, a black kimono is worn by both sexes.

Sei Shihan’s Corner

The winter months are nearly over and our reluctance to train (for some) because of the cold weather will be nearly over as well. To those that kept on training despite the cold weather, thank you! You made the dojo atmosphere alive and kicking (excuse the pun!) and you pushed someone else beside you to take the extra step forward.

Remember the saying “A journey of a thousand steps, begins with the first step”? Our North Island tournament is approaching fast and if you haven’t started training for it yet, then I suggest you start taking that first step now.

“If you’ve got to do it, then do it right” is a common saying that we often forget when we are training. Sometimes when we get taught a kata or a technique a few times, then we think we know it all and we want to progress to the next one or next level. Keep this in mind as you train – especially to those tiny details which can separate an average kata from a great kata or a good technique from a great technique.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” is another saying which comes to mind when doing sparring. We are scared of being hit – especially when confronting a bigger and skilful opponent. Remember that those ‘scary’ people are there to help you. Enjoy the sparring session like one of your normal classes. If you think that you’ll get hurt, then you will get hurt. It’s amazing how the power of the mind works!

“You don’t fail until you quit” is the most powerful saying in karate or in any part of your life for that matter. We often defeat ourselves even before we start. The negative thoughts start creeping inside your head saying that you can’t do it; you are not good enough etc. We have had talented students who had stopped training for various reasons. We’ve had students that had stopped training and started again, with a different perspective to their training. To those who have not stopped training – you have the spirit of Osu!

Making a Chinese Lantern


  • Two sheets of colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Stapler


Cut two strips down the long side of one of the sheets and set them aside.

Fold the second sheet of paper in half to form a long and skinny rectangle.

Draw pencil marks as a guide and leave an inch at the end.

Open it up and roll it connecting both ends. Staple the end together.

You can hang your lanterns by using string or using another paper strip.  Decorate your lantern as you wish.

Standout Student: Molly Elton

Molly Elton is the latest in our series of students who are showing outstanding Seido values.  The value that Molly has demonstrated in buckets is Persistence. Molly started karate as a little girl with her very good friend Milly.  They were always together, did every grading side by side, and it was really hard for us teachers to get their names correct!  Molly’s Mum Bridget brought them to every class together; they were inseparable karate mates!

And then a little while after they both got their green belts, Milly decided to stop and try out other activities...uh-oh!  What would Molly do?  She was at a bit of a turning point.

It would have been so easy for Molly to stop too, BUT SHE DIDN’T!  Molly kept on coming, and kept on coming, and kept on coming!  And what is more, Molly decided to pick up new challenges: she started coming to adult sparring class and is now developing sound techniques.  She has maintained her attendance at Children’s Green and Brown class, and she is now helping in the Sunday morning Down Dragon class.

Molly’s persistent attitude has turned her from a “shy little karate girl” to a strong young person with confidence in herself.

Congratulations Molly!  Go hard in your September grading as you attempt to gain promotion to Advanced Green belt!

Q. When and why did you start karate?

When I was six. I started because my 21 year old cousin was a black belt and I wanted to be just like her.

 Q. What do you like most about karate?

I really enjoy sparring – even though it was scary and difficult at first.

 Q. What is your most vivid karate memory so far?

The week Milly quit – I was very upset and wanted to quit too. My parents encouraged me to keep going and although I found it hard for a while I’m very glad I did.

 Q. What is your favourite breakfast?

French toast with maple syrup and sliced banana

 Q. What do you do when you are not doing karate? What else are you good at?

I enjoy art and am currently in the middle of a slime obsession. Mum and I taught ourselves to crochet from YouTube and I’m now making a blanket for our neighbour’s baby.

 Q. Who inspires you and why?

The members of the Down Right Dragons class – they are so passionate and determined and a lot of fun to be around.

 Q. Do you have a piece of advice for other karate kids?

Persevere – don’t give up as soon as things get hard. If you keep trying it really does get easier.

Admin and Enquiries

Senpai Anthea Coleman and Joseph van Bohemen are working on the front desk and are able to sort out any of the following issues for you:

  • arranging payments of fees
  • EFTPOS transactions
  • stripe requirement pages in the folders
  • purchase of gis
  • enrolment forms
  • changes of your contact details(really important if you want to keep getting info)
  • sensible advice
  • pretty much everything

Senpai Anthea works on Mondays from 4:30pm will knock off promptly at 6pm to go do her homework, so if you need a question sorted, please approach her in plenty of time.  S.Anthea is working on Mondays because that is the white belt class time, and the mostly new parents in this group are in most need of info and advice.

Joseph works on Tuesday to Thursday around 5:45pm before classes start and usually knocks off at 6:30pm.

NI Seido Tournament 2017

It’s that time of year again when we host the anticipated North Island Tournament and the date 7 - 8 October 2017 have been set aside for this event. This is our bi-annual event, so if you miss out on this one, you won’t have a chance until 2019. Lock into your calendar and start preparing for it. From my initial conversations with some Seido students at Go-En, we might be able to spark some international interests, so start promoting this event as it will be another big milestone for Wellington.

Signing In

Please remember to sign in for your classes and only sign in once per class.  To check that you have registered, tap in the number again and check that the class count has incremented, then click Cancel. 

Etiquette if late to a class

Please avoid being late.

If your child is absolutely unavoidably late to a class, he or she must kneel on the edge of the floor and wait for the teacher to invite them on. They then start doing pushups. This is not to punish the child for being late! It is just our way of acknowledging that we have missed some important learning and we are willing to work hard in the class. When the teacher decides they have done enough pushups, they are invited on to the floor. As they come on, they verbally apologise for being late to the teacher and the class.

Buying new gis

If your child needs a new gi, we have a few for sale at varying second hand prices, depending on the quality. You can just ask see S.Anthea or Joe at the desk. If you would like a brand new gi, these are available at the desk for $60. If there is not one in a size that fits your child, you can also get them from Martial Arts Supplies in Courtenay Place, upstairs just along from Burger King (they have a sign out on the footpath), or you can go to Fuji Mae in the Brooklyn shops.

Additional help for your child

If your child feels that they need additional help in some area of their karate, please email me and ask for a Thursday tutorial. These are on demand only, and go from 4.15 to 5pm. They are not for practising before a stripe test, but it may be that your child feels not so confident in some big area, like sparring, or falling and rolling, or kata, kihon, etc. Just email me and we will work out a time!

For 4th Kyu and above

Just reminding that if your child is injured or forgets a piece of their sparring gear, they don't sign in for sparring, as we do not have enough teachers in the class to accommodate them.

Secondly, it would be a good idea if parents could go back to the email I send out when your child gets their green belt. It outlines legal techniques in sparring, ie what you are allowed to do, and what is not permitted. I have been seeing some unpermitted techniques creeping in, and would like these to be eliminated

Contact: Sensei Julie

Jammy Granola Clusters Recipe


  • 1 cup toasted buckwheat flour (or wholemeal or plain flour)
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1 1/2  cups rolled oats
  • 125g butter, melted
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup raspberry jam


  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • PVA Glue
  • Glue stick
  • Q-Tip and bottle cup
  • Toothpick

Sweet, golden and slightly chewy clusters can be eaten with yoghurt for breakfast, with morning tea or crumbled over ice cream.

  1. Preheat oven to 150°C.  Mix ingredients together and spread out on a lined baking tray.
  2. Bake for about 15 minutes or until the mixture is golden.
  3. A handful of your favourite nuts can be added before baking or stir through a few chocolate chips, or both.
  4. Ensure you line the baking tray as the mixture is sticky.  Check every five minutes or so during baking and toss mixture around with a spatula to ensure the bottom isn’t burning.

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