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Dear Community,

The Melville Residents' Association continue to focus on protecting the rights and wellbeing of residents in Melville.

As part of this commitment we have endeavored to engage and contract with new liquor license applicants to ensure they do not encroach on the rights of residents, especially where residents live in close proximity to establishments. 

This is done in line with our published process and has previously been applied to applications like Pablo Eggs Go Bar, The Federal (now La Stalla), Bread and Roses and Perron, amongst others. (
We were recently informed of two liquor applications for establishments on the corner of 1st ave and 7th street Melville. These establishments go under the names BA PITA and LA PETIT MAISON.

As with previous applications, we submitted an objection to the application to ensure we are able to raise the concerns of residents with the Gauteng Liquor Board and the applicants. In this case the main concerns included the closing times, the use of an open and shared courtyard at the back which is adjacent to resident homes, and requirement for new the license to have the wellbeing of residents included in the license as a condition of that license  (Conditions are allowed in terms of the Liquor Act)  to protect residents from current or future establishments who may buy the license from turning the establishments into clubs, or from using the courtyard in a manner that may affect residents in the area. (E.g. playing loud music or closing late at night or in the early morning hours.)

Although the initial discussions and until very recently were very positive and the engagements seemed to go well, we have to inform the residents that  the owners have now chosen NOT to further engage with or agree to the terms of the MRA as they indicated on a number of occasions they were willing to, essentially opening residents to the risk that the current, or future owners of the license may use the license and location in a way that negatively affects residents.

The representative of the applicants pressurized the Gauteng Liquor Board not to have a hearing and advised the MRA to refrain from communicating with his clients (the applicants).

We have urged the Liquor  Board to proceed with a hearing, and will keep residents informed as to the progress made. We will also inform residents of the timing of the hearing to allow them to express any concerns they wish us to raise.

Should you wish to obtain more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at


MRA Liquor Portfolio
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