Josephine Cashman sacked from Indigenous advisory body after letter published by Andrew Bolt

[Lorena Allam, The Guardian]

The Aboriginal businesswoman Josephine Cashman has been sacked from her government advisory role, after allegations that she provided a faked letter from a senior Aboriginal leader as part of a campaign to discredit the author Bruce Pascoe.

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Anthem debate highlights game leadership in Indigenous issues

[Brad Walter, NRL]

The ARL Commission will decide next week whether to discontinue the practice of performing national anthems before the annual All Stars match as the code continues to listen to the views of Indigenous players.

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Using fire to save vulnerable species on the Tiwi Islands

[by Monique Paschke]

For the past seven years, Charles Darwin University post-doctoral researcher Dr Hugh Davies has been working with the Tiwi Land Rangers to monitor small mammal populations on the ecologically unique Tiwi Islands, located north west of Darwin.

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Sass, wit and a Deadly artistic twist!

[by Hannah Pemberton]

Hosted by Steven Oliver, Faboriginal is an arts game show designed to test its contestants (and audiences) knowledge of Indigenous art, premiering on Thursday 13th February 2020.

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