I hope you’re having a lovely spring and your weather is cooler than mine (it was a toasty 97 degrees here in Phoenix today 🔥).

In last month’s newsletter, I mentioned experiencing (what I thought was) burnout. Unfortunately, it appears much more is going on and I’m currently riding the medical merry-go-round (moving from specialist to specialist) trying to figure it out.

As someone who used to be energetic, active, and on top of things, it’s frustrating and bewildering to always feel completely drained (barely enough energy to get my oldest kiddo off to school in the morning), be in constant physical pain (my seventy-year-old mother can run laps around me) and have such frequent memory/focus issues that I’m avoiding conversations with friends so I don’t embarrass myself 😢.

I won’t bore you with the rest of my symptoms, but they’ve greatly impacted my writing and are forcing me to pull out of collaborative projects and cancel the pre-order for Claiming Her Mates Book Four. I hope fans of the series will understand. As soon as I’m able, I’ll complete and release the story and (as followers of my newsletter) you’ll be first to know when it is out.

One of the silver linings of this journey has been the readers and authors reaching out to offer their support and share their own experiences with chronic health and autoimmune issues. I’m in such awe of their strength and how much they’ve endured to get answers and manage their conditions. It’s inspired me to keep pushing for better medical care and even given me ideas for future books 😉.

Speaking of books, I hope you’ll check out my backlist of available books (free in kindle unlimited) as well as the wonderful new releases, book deals, and giveaways below.

Take good care,


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New Release: Monster Romance

Monster's Plaything

The Monster King wants to play…It's been 1097 days and 14 hours since I've been locked in this place, all because I saw something I shouldn't have. And they've come to me every night. The monsters in my dreams worship my body. And when I wake up, I'm desperate for more…

New Release: Paranormal Romance

Psycho Shifters

After growing up with nothing, I've finally found my path to freedom: I'm a shifter, an elite soldier who transforms into a monster. All I have to do is survive. I didn't count on my three 6'5 roommates. Covered in tattoos, jeweled, and horned, these are like no men I've ever dealt with before...

New Release: Monster Romance

Chosen by Villians

...the last thing I expect is a horde of nightmarish monsters descending on me in the night, eager to tear me apart. So when three more demonic figures leap out of the shadows to defend me, my choices are trust my unexpected champions... or die. Not exactly a tough decision...

New Release: Fantasy Shifter Romance

They Call Me Beast

My mates want me to be their Queen. The Wilds want me as their Alpha. While fate has preordained one, the other is a lie I'll never tell. But when my mates finally learn where my power comes from, I'm left with only three...  Heartbroken over a fiery beta who can’t handle the truth of what I am, I won’t let his rejection stop me from destroying my enemies and taking back what’s mine... 

Paranormal Academy Romance

Come Out & Prey

...I knew I didn’t want to be part of the cutthroat society my predator family sits at the top of, nor did I ascribe to their legacy of division and elitism. It’s all such utter BS. However, I was brainwashed to believe that if I wanted to live a successful life, I would sit still, shut up, and look pretty. And if I didn’t mold myself to their expectations, the threat of death was never too far off...

Supernatural MC Romance

Captive of the Gods

The Jackals are keeping me hostage. They think I’m a traitor and saboteur. Bait they can use to lure my brother and his club. Payback for stealing their drugs. But the Wolves aren’t coming to my rescue. I’m my brother’s pawn to justify a turf war between the clubs. Wounded and locked in a cell, I can’t use the mate bond as leverage to weasel my way out of captivity...

Preorder: Monster Romance

An Inheritance of Monsters

It was an offer too good to refuse: spend one month in the most haunted house in the world. When the reclusive owner of Duskwood Manor opens the door to five teams of paranormal investigators, there’s no way my team can say no. But there are no ghosts here. There are monsters...

99 cent Preorder: Anthology

Wolves & Warriors

This collection holds nothing back with all the tension that drives you wild and all the panty-melting steam you crave. Rouse your desire for top-notch paranormal romance with 16 all new books, and then keep reading for 5 equally enticing stories of the sci fi variety...