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Issue 18- May 30, 2019

Issue 18- May 30, 2019

Hello Friends!

Happy Friday- and, "Welcome back to "The Cre8tive Life!"- your weekly newsletter full of lifestyle tips, smiles, and cool things to check out!

This past week has been more of a laid back one for me. I have spent the majority of my time hunting for new event planner/community manager gigs. But, I additionally hosted one of my best friends who was visiting NYC for a day trip between a vacation, went to my very first Soul Cycle class (which was definitely intense- but, I made it through), attended a music and art workshop, and did some much needed dance therapy at the Freedom Party and one of my favorite salsa socials (for those who may not know, salsa dancing has been one of my BIGGEST hobbies for the past 13+ years---let me know if you ever need any recommendations!) 

I am ending my week visiting my hometown of Kentucky- spending time with my family, and taking in some of my favorite things here. It's a nice little break from the "hustle and bustle" and madness of the Big Apple- and, I look forward to sharing more with you over the next week!

*I have shared a few pictures here, but will also be posting more on my Instagrams: @thecre8tiveartisan and @e101 (the latter is where I tend to post most of my stories and shenanigans)



My weekly (random) compilation of some of my favorite "cre8tive" things that I want to share:

  • FAVORITE WORD: Thalassophile: A lover of the sea and ocean


  • ADVICE:  "If you understood how frequently people cope by projecting, you would learn to take absolutely nothing personally."


  • MOOD MUSIC: One of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE singers, Rahsaan Patterson, has just recently released a new album (after 8 long awaited years), called "Heroes & Gods." I am still deciding on my favorites- but, I have really been digging "Sent From Heaven" and his Luther Vandross cover of "Don't You Know That." I highly recommend his music when you are wanting a relaxing and chill vibe.


  • SMILE OF THE WEEK: One of the things that brings me the greatest joy is watching kids take part in amazing art and culture experiences that expand their view of the world. And, my friend's husband, Edwin Sorto, does an amazing job of doing that with his passion for teaching little kids the art of Latin dancing. The kids are truly AMAZING, and it is so fascinating to see where their discovered love of dance has taken them. Enjoy THIS PIECE that Inside Edition did on them this week (and if so inclined check out their weekly stories and shares on Instagram and Facebook under Mr. Sortos Class). So happy to see them get this national recognition! 


  • PODCAST I'M LISTENING TO: In between my reading, and my extensive commutes, I like to listen to podcasts. Hidden Brain is one of my favorites. It's a great one for people who are interested in "the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships" in a science and storytelling format.  


  • RANDOM LIFE TIP: I have found myself wondering from time to time about what truly is the best bottled water; and, how it relates to tap water. I found THIS article on bottled water ranking to be quite helpful in breaking things down, and helping to decide what to get/look for in the future.


  • SOMETHING I WANT TO TRY: Even though I tend to generally be pretty social and extroverted, there is an equal part of me that can be antisocial and introverted- (hence why I always self describe myself as a "Socially Antisocial Introverted Extrovert."). THIS first class private suite from Emirates is a dream for my introverted side to try one day!  


As I shared above in the greetings portion of this week's newsletter, I attended my very first Soul Cycle class. I went into the class not really knowing anything beyond the fact that you ride a stationary bike, and that it is a workout craze that a lot of people I know swear by. And, although I had wanted to try it for a long while, it hadn't really been on my immediate radar. I actually only ended up there this time because my friend couldn't go, and needed someone to take her place. Upon my entry, I signed the required waivers, took in the ambiance, received my special shoes, and was given information on locker storage, bathrooms, etc.

After changing, I went into the dark room where all of the bikes were and began to prepare for the class. I needed ALL OF THE HELP trying to figure out how to set up my bike, getting my shoes into the contraption, and trying to understand how things worked. (It was probably quite entertaining for all of the regulars to watch-lol). Shortly after, the class began with a lively instructor, and I stood in awe as I quickly learned that you are supposed to essentially be standing up on the bike the entire time. This particular method didn't really work for me, and I didn't last long in that position; but, I was determined to "ride out" the rest of the class, and continue to take it all in. Throughout the class, I found myself becoming more interested in the motivating and inspirational messages that the instructor was yelling out, and wishing I had a little notebook to write everything down. The quote that really stuck out to me is the one that I am sharing above though. There was something about it that really resonated with my spirit.

While it was largely meant for the context of the class, I thought it could apply to so much more. I began thinking about how often it can be so easy to talk yourself out of doing something out of not believing you can achieve the goal of "perfect." And, I wondered how different the lens of life could/would be if we shifted more towards the mindset of doing "our best", and letting that be the marker instead. I feel that moving with the intention of doing our best in those situations that scare us, or that hold us back from going after the things we want (instead of telling ourselves that we shouldn't do those things because they won't be perfect) could really be a life changer in our experiences. And, I am betting that we could really surprise ourselves.


This week I challenge you to shift your mindset around something that you aren't doing because you are scared that it won't be "perfect." And, I encourage you to take one step further, and do it! Let me know the results!


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Have a great day, and be sure to take time to enjoy your life!


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