Fabulous photo opportunites abound!

Whilst Pete and Nicky are enjoying some well earned respite in the farther reaches of 'God's Own Country', the rest of the PS team have been pulling out the stops, gathering together all the elements for FantasyCon in Glasgow next month. Look out for some mouth-watering reveals in the coming weeks.

And below are some pictures from NewCon head honcho Ian Waites's recent visit to the Towers—pictured here goofing around by the Mere with Pete, whilst Nicky and Helen look on, "hmmm, what on earth are they up to".

Caught up in all the brouhaha of last week's launch for THE DIVIDE, we neglected to show you photos from the event. So here are some, courtesy of Mo Murgatroyd. On the left Alan Ayckbourn can be seen with Rob Shearman—who will be featuring much more in up and coming newsletters—we're itching to tell you why, but just not yet, so watch this space!

In the meantime, the reviews keep coming . . .

THE DIVIDE by Alan Ayckbourn (PS Publishing) Review by Gary Fry

It’s always been difficult to keep up with Sir Alan Ayckbourn’s prolific output. I try my best. Of the 83 stage plays he’s written since the 1960s – from early undisputed classics such as The Norman Conquestsand Absurd Person Singular to tricksy modern masterworks like Arrivals and Departuresand (his very latest) Birthdays Past, Birthdays Present– I’ve seen or read about 70. The range of his work is striking, including straight adult dramas (with often ingenious structures), genre material (sci-fi, thrillers, ghost stories), musicals, and children’s plays. And now he’s added a new form to his repertoire, the literary novel. Slow down, man! You’re giving me whiplash!

You can read the full review here:


NEW ARRIVAL: The Way of the Worm DELUXE Edition

The custom made traycases for the super deluxe oversized edition of Ramsey Campbell's THE WAY OF THE WORM are now in, thereby completing the final component of  'The Three Births of Daoloth' trilogy. Those of you with pre-orders will have your copies mailed this coming week. We've just a handful of this edition left.

SPECIAL OFFER: This is a final chance to collect all three volumes with the same letter, signed by the author and artist, plus three pieces of original artwork from Glenn Chadbourne. The individual books are available for £595 but here you can have all three for £1190.

PLEASE NOTE: We only have one of this bundle available but If you've already bought the traycased edition of volumes 1 or 2, then just let us have your details and letter [info@pspublishing.co.uk] plus £595 and we’ll send you your missing volumes plus two orignal pieces of Chadbourne artwork.

The Parts We Play [Signed Slipcased Set]

Some time back we noticed a warehouse anomaly concerning Steve Volk's collection THE PARTS WE PLAY. We unearthed several boxes of slipcases and accompanying chapbook "Supporting Roles" featuring two additional stories, but the books were missing the signing sheets. Thankfully, they turned up at Biddles and have now been reunited with the books.

If you didn't pick up a copy of this collection first time around, you're missing a treat.

In this rich and varied collection of Stephen Volk's best fiction to date, characters seek to be the people they need to be, jostled by hope, fears, responsibility, fate, and their own inner demons—and desires. These tales of the lies and lives we live and the pasts we can't forget include the British Fantasy Award-winning novella, Newspaper Heart.

Tempted? We're making the first 20 copies available for the reduced price of just £30 plus postage.

And that's all this week.

As hinted, we've some exciting projects bubbling away and we will be making a whole raft of announcements in the run up to FantasyCon. In the meantime, we're enjoying the Summer take a final bow with some late but most welcome sunshine.

Have a great weekend and happy reading.


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