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Happy Book Birthday!

It’s time! I hope you enjoy Brooke and Mack’s trip to forever!

On a different note, there are a LOT of treats mentioned in this book. A lot. So many, I was getting hungry while writing it. Let me know which treats you spot, which you’ve never had and which are your favourites!

Happy Holidays to you!


“You’re a goof,” she murmured, fingers sliding up his chest to tangle behind his neck. Brooke tugged him toward her until their mouths met. Her kiss was sweet, lips curled upward in a smile as they brushed slowly. Gently. So innocent it could have been their first.

Memories flashed. “You have no idea how much pain I was in that day we went to the archery range.”

Air puffed past his cheek, an amused huff. “You’re interrupting your ravishment to talk about target practice gone wrong?”

“I had never seen you like that before.” He ignored her smart-ass comment and concentrated on his point. “You were this deadly warrior, all focus and power, and when you hit the bull’s-eye on your second shot, I got a hard-on.”

Her laughter rang clear and bright before she buried her face against his neck. “Stop.” The words came out garbled. “I don’t want anyone finding us yet.”

“Just thought you needed to know. I was smitten from the first moment. And when you let me tug you against that hay bale and kiss you, I thought I’d gone to heaven. Tempting lips, body soft in all the right places, yet lethal and wild at the same time.” He hummed as if he’d taken a bite of something delicious.

Brooke swayed, teasing their bodies together. “I like that memory. I like that you thought I was powerful.”

“You still are.” She could bring him to his knees if she chose.

With a brush of her hand down his chest, she was close to reducing him to incoherent rambling. She kissed his jaw, bit his lower lip. Her hand dropped over his groin and loosely contained his erection.

“I want something,” she warned him.

“Okay.” An instant response because he was smart.

This soldier is on a mission—a picture perfect proposal that she can’t refuse.

A standalone holiday story from New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend.

Mack Klassen is no longer a Canadian Air Force firefighter, but he’s still fighting fires. The one burning between him and a certain small town mechanic might be the hottest he’s ever faced. When Brooke Silver requests his help in making this holiday season extra special, it’s the opportunity he’s been waiting for. A chance to impress her, impress her seemingly unenthusiastic father—and finally find the perfect way to ask an all-important question about forever.

After Brooke catches her dad muttering about an old-fashioned Christmas, she enlists Mack and her friends in Heart Falls to make this holiday season one for the memory books. Cookies, decorations, songs and presents—it should be easy, but between one disaster after another and the impending arrival of the storm of the decade, the perfect festive season seems to be slipping away.

Then suddenly it’s not about the day but surviving long enough to enjoy their future. It’s going to take a holiday miracle for everyone’s wishes to come true.

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