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Best Sellers July

So you think you know What's Good for You?

Three new titles take the top Best Seller positions this month.  “So You Think You Know What’s Good for You?” by Norman Swan is a one-stop handbook designed to settle fruitless anxieties and allow people to focus on what matters to them. This had the most sales with 1,685. This represents approximately 10% of the total market.

“Across the Sea (Wolf Girl #5)” is another offering in the popular Worlf Girl series by Anh Do. This sold 1,274 copies.

Third position and the Miles Franklin winner for 2021 is “The Labyrinth” by Amanda Lohrey which sold 1,270 copies.

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How independent bookstores have used Circle to survive lockdowns

Iwan Bookstore

These extraordinary times require bookshops to operate in a remarkably different way. Life in a time of Covid is forcing shops to reinvent the way they sell books and many are having surprising success at doing this.

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Artist credit Lily-Mae Martin

Kia ora new stores

A very warm welcome to all new (and seasoned) bookshop owners. 

Iwan Bookstore

Iwan Bookshop
Rosebud, VIC, AU

Lorne Beach Books
New Farm, QLD, AU


The thing the stands out this month this the big drop in sales in Australia. This is obviously due to the continuing lockdowns.  Despite this AU is still up 14.5% Year To Date. NZ is up 22.5% YTD.

Sales compared to last year June / July

  • Australia:  6.05% / -15.8%
  • New Zealand: -1.23% / 2.12%

You can see the full year in Reports > Monthly Sales

Development in July

In July we spent a lot of time on the new Circle gift card system, bedded Xero in further, improved the agency code, improved how costs populate in inwards goods for new items, added options so that you have control over when web orders are invoiced, added links to stock logs from movers plus we now show you who purchased in the stock log. We started work on a web/mob pos and local bookshop portal site and pushed further into the rails 6 upgrade. Finally we added the ability to remove secondary categories in bulk, something that many shops had on their wishlist. 

Currently working on

  • Circle Gift Card
  • Rails 6 upgrade
  • New Group Central site
  • Web/Mobile POS

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Kahlo & Niko make an igloo

Snowed under - fancy joining us at the end of the covid tunnel?

Warwick Schaffer


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