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Writing books is one thing.

Publishing books another.

Selling books…well, that’s something else.

I love writing connected series. And box sets have become an excellent way to share connected stories (by setting, by tropes, by community/family, etc.).

But finding just the right cover, blurb, and ad text that grabs potential readers is the really tough part. For me, at least.

While GOING ALL IN ON LOVE has nearly 150 great reviews…sales-wise, it hasn’t performed as well as my other box sets. So, I decided it was time to change things up. Here’s my new cover. What do you think? 

I also took the advice of a marketing consultant and re-worked my description for the book. Apparently, shorter is always better.

You can't win if you don't play.

But when your heart is on the line, there’s no such thing as a safe bet.

Growing up in Vegas, the Parlier sisters learned how to gamble before they could count. At their fortuneteller mother's knee, each envisioned her fairytale love story, complete with a flawless and charming prince. Too bad Mom failed to mention every family secret comes with a price.

Book 1: PRINCE CHARMING UNDERCOVER - He's an undercover cop on the trail of a human trafficker not "King" Parlier's youngest daughter's love match—until the "princess" takes a bullet meant for him. Then, all bets are off. But try telling that to Grace.

Book 2: THE DADDY GAMBLE - Single mom and chef Kate Parlier-Grant values family above all else. Is putting her heart—and daughter Maya’s future—in the hands of a hot young lawyer a long shot…or her destiny?

Book 3: RISKY BABY BUSINESS - Forget rescuing her so-called Prince Charming—even if he might be a billionaire masquerading as a gardener. Liz Parlier's got a baby to save.

Book 4: CHRISTMAS FOR THE WIN - Can day care provider Alexa help widower/single dad Mark, who left her at the altar—and is raising the child that should have been theirs—without losing her heart again? What would Santa do?

Four sisters—smart, independent, and single. Four wild-card heroes. Are they the men of their prophesies?

The answer comes from the heart, not a crystal ball.

In case you were waiting for the right cover to come along before you bought the book😉, here’s the link. (And don’t forget, if you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can binge on the entire series for $0.00.).

This will be my last newsletter of May, so I’ll take the opportunity to wish you a wonderful Memorial Day. Although this holiday is also considered the start of summer vacation, I try not to lose sight of the significance of remembering those who lost their lives defending our country.

Happy reading, my friends!


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