As you might already know this year - for the first time ever - we are hosting the NomadMania Travel Awards Ceremony live in Lviv, Ukraine. 

This will take place on October 20th and will be held in a safe underground bunker as the highlight event of the entire week long Visit to Ukraine (Oct 15-22).


Next week we are opening our registrations :-) 

See the program and join the waitlist here

NomadMania Travel Awards Nominations

Our team is working hard to make it the best possible event in the travel industry this year. And we need to choose truly outstanding travellers as candidates.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that the submission of nominees is open.

Here are the award categories in 2023 that we are opening for your nominations: 

  • Biggest Traveller 
  • Most Intrepid Traveller 
  • Best Travel Book (release date after 01/01/2020)
  • Most Purposeful Traveller 
  • Biggest Digital Nomad 
  • Most Trusted Local Fixer
  • Biggest LPI (Low Passport Index) Traveller
  • Best Travel App

Please, nominate your candidates here.

You can nominate multiple people and multiple times. Applications are open until August 28th. This is going to be a game changer in the travel world and for sure it depends on you!

August - The Month of India

NomadMania is committed to promoting travel equally around the globe, especially among people from developing countries. We are happy to declare August as our month of travellers from India. 

As part of this, at the end of the month we will host a panel with some of India's biggest travellers, who will discuss various travel issues among them. See the details and register.

We have interviewed a few prominent Indian travellers and will publish these on a weekly basis throughout August.

Today, meet Ravi Prabhu, the biggest traveller originating in India on our Master list. Watch and read the interview with Ravi here. 

New UN Masters

We are super happy to see more and more people finalising their 193 challenge by visiting every country in the world and will be highlighting them in our first newsletter of every month. In July, we have two notable additions.

Christofer Olofsson, a 41 year old backpacker from Sweden just successfully visited every country in the world. Bravo, Christoph!

We're also especially happy to highlight Magali Hinojosa's landmark accomplishment as the first Mexican that we know of to visit every country in the world, a significant triumph! Magali has travelled both with her Mexican and with her US passports.

Congratulations to both new UN Masters!

Recent Events in the NomadMania World

Last month was focused on sustainable travel. We launched different initiatives, including the webinar How to Travel SustainablyIf you missed the live stream on July 29, you can watch the replay here.

The webinar was a great way to recap July as our Travel Sustainable Month, during which we also published the following articles:

Meetup In Warsaw


NomadMania is committed to building community and in that spirit, last Friday we had our Warsaw meetup conceived by our former manager Milana Bojinovic. This is the second such event following last year's meet-up so perhaps it will become a summer tradition?

It was a night to remember and we're already looking forward to the next one! Here is the list of meetup participants in Warsaw (from left to right).

Meetup in Alaska - The Last Frontier

Some other of our members recently had a joyful mini-meetup in Alaska, where some of our Executive Committee got together with their families for an intimate gathering.

Front from left:

Back from left: 

The happiness and togetherness were undeniable, making this event an unforgettable moment. We are looking forward to more such meetups.


All of the above participants have now received our new special badge which confirms their participation in NomadMania's live events.

If you want to host your meet up see these instructions. Until next time :-)


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