Pudlo Newsletter one

We are so excited to be sending out our first quarterly newsletter to our valued clients!

In these newsletters we will highlight latest trends, industry news, our incredible customers, and provide helpful hints backed up by our wide range of unique products. The recent Milan Design Week 2018 (MDW2018) inspired us to share three of the hottest design trends with you: statement ceilings; colour use; and sustainability trends.


Statement ceilings were one of the most inspirational trends at MDW2018. Used for centuries to draw the eye up upon entry into a room – think kaleidoscope ceilings in ancient Persian temples or the surreal intricacies of the Sistine Chapel – this beautiful embellishment of space took a backseat with the rise of contemporary design in the past 150 years. However, detailed and luxurious design is once more reigning supreme in 2018 and old-world grandeur is back. There are so many ways to decorate the 5th wall – decorative cornices, ceiling roses around statement light fixtures, vibrant paint colours, wallpaper between mouldings and pressed ceilings. 

Taking inspiration from Bvlgari’s Milan Design Week installation, why not design a breath-taking kaleidoscopic ceiling mural to surround a light fitting?

Images (clockwise from top left): Bvlgari, Palazzo Litta, Louis Vuitton, mouldings for Pudlo client.


Committed use of colour was another huge trend this year, running along a spectrum from bold to soft colours. Bold hues including red, orange, sunshine yellow, rich blues and electrifying violets dominated, as seen in the tile-clad chambers by Hermès. You can create this stunning statement look with our local handmade tiles, incorporating other trends from the show such as graphic shapes and artisanal products to decorate your home. For those seeking a softer palette, hues such as pink, light green and peach were right on trend. Whichever direction you take, it’s clear that this season’s hottest tip is to be daring with colour.

Images (clockwise from top left): First three images all Hermès at MDW2018, hand-glazed tiles available at Pudlo.


Sustainability in design and architecture is a massive global trend, with sustainable production methods in particular rising to the fore at the show. Recycled materials were used to create everything from 3D-printed furniture to statement ceilings and lampshades made from discarded plastic bottles.

We’re right on track with this growing push towards sustainably created products. Our exquisite Reviglass mosaics, for example, are made of recycled glass. We also stock Aerolite (aka Think pink) the immensely popular and cost-effective insulation solution made from 80% recycled glass, which reduces the energy required to maintain a comfortable living environment.  

Images (clockwise from top left): PET lampshades by Rossana Orlandi, air-purifying sculpture by Kengo Kuma, 2-layered green installation with transparent balloons and herbs, Pudlo’s Reviglass mosaic tiles.


At Pudlo, we pride ourselves on being a family business and make a point of being available to help our customers with all their needs – our service is what sets us apart and we really know our stuff, so put us to the test and please ask us anything!

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