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Sivan 5780 Edition 46

Online Meet Shadchanim Event #3

Last Sunday, we held our 3rd Online Meet Shadchanim Event since Covid-19 has kept most of us at home. Over 250 meetings took place between Shadchanim/parents/singles and it's great to hear that couples are being setup from our previous online events. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to hear about our next events.

Igros Kodesh: Stop Worrying and It Will Change

Igros Kodesh vol 6 p. 147

I received your letter, in which you describe the condition of your business; that you’re deep in debt, and so on. You write that you are able to sell some of your properties but you cannot decide what to do. What stands out from your letter is that your spirits have fallen and your bitachon is faltering…

Since you ask my advice—after prefacing that, as requested, I mentioned you for a brocha at the tziyon of the Rebbe, my father-in-law—my opinion is that you need to work on yourself, horoven oif zich, to strengthen your bitachon in Hashem as much as possible.

The true characteristic of bitachon is that even if we don’t see any natural way [for things to turn out well], we trust beyond a doubt that everything will be good, and that it will be revealed to our physical eyes.

This means livelihood in abundance, good health, and so on. From the perspective of Above, concerns of nature are not significant at all, so when a person places himself above the earth, even in the slightest bit, awakening his belief as a Jew—and trusting entirely that he has no master besides Hashem—he can bring about that nature will not be able to negatively affect him, even down here. I trust Hashem that if you will strengthen your bitachon in an absolute way, you will very quickly see a change in your situation with regards to your physical lack, and your situation will begin to improve, going from good to even better.


Dating During Corona

Click here to listen to a talk by Mrs. Devorah Krasnianski of Adei Ad on Dating During Corona.

Another Successful Engagement!

Chaya Cohen relates: "The family was looking into a limited profile for a Shidduch. The full information on the ChabadMatch profile helped them evaluate the opportunity properly and Boruch Hashem they got successfully engaged!"

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