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Older workers need permission to be all they can be

If we were to summarise our learnings from the past 6 months of delivering our Purpose Workshops with hundreds of people, most of whom being within 10 years of their intended "retirement" date, the following 4 points stand head and shoulders above the rest:

1. We are not alone in our thinking. After only a few short minutes reflecting on our purpose together do we realise that we have so much more in common than we thought.

2. Sharing our stories and opening up to each other is so liberating, empowering, enabling and inspiring. 

3. The majority of all the obstacles that prevent us from achieving our full potential are put in our way by our own selves, 80% of which are actually movable.

4. Anxiety and a lack of confidence (even if we're successful in hiding it) are burdens and barriers shared by so many of us.

Most of the webinars, courses, talks and prescribed reading that are the more prevalent solutions offered to older workers by their employers fail to address these fundamental issues in the workplace. The biggest and most fundamental missing element tends to be the opportunity for human connection - for informal meetings, conversations, and relationships to develop - for storytelling and serendipity - and for this all to take place in a safe and supportive environment.

We are excited to see these positive benefits develop so rapidly within our Purpose Workshops, and we look forward to helping our clients build powerful foundations, not only for transforming workforce culture, but for replacing the outdated construct of retirement with a new normal that better reflects the modern demands of people who are now living and working longer, healthier and more productively than ever before.

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We're recommended in The Telegraph!

Julia Randell-Khan, one of our directors and founders, was interviewed and featured by The Telegraph last week - about how to successfully transition from your career to a dynamic, fulfilling "non-retirement".

You can read the full article here. (If you're not a subscriber you can sign up for a free 1-month subscription). The Purpose Xchange ( was included in the Telegraph's list of "Helpful Websites" for "seeking fulfilment and getting the most out of the rest of your working life".

We're invited to join AARP's global collaborative

The Purpose Xchange is delighted to announce our new membership to the Living, Learning, and Earning Longer Collaborative, an award-winning project led by AARP, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the World Economic Forum (WEF). The collaborative includes more than 60 global companies working together to explore new ways to nurture a multigenerational workforce—offering the policies, practices, and business rationale for doing so.

We look forward to contributing meaningfully to the collaboration - exploring practical, implementable solutions to help build inclusive, diverse and high-performing workforces.

The Purpose Xchange Team
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Julia Randell-Khan, LLB, LLM, international lawyer now retirement disruptor.

Jonathan Collie, MBChB, MBA, doctor turned award-winning social entrepreneur.

Deb Gale, MBA, MA, Silicon Valley forex, mother of 5, gerontologist and ageing aficionado.


We invite you to join us.

Our meeting 5 years ago was pure serendipity. For the last 10 years or so we have all been illuminating, individually and together, a new and more hopeful future for the millions of us who are in our 6th, 7th 8th and even 9th decades of life. We have all made big shifts, transitioned, taken risks, re-trained, kept learning and changed direction, prompted by a sense that retirement as we knew it was over. It’s what Jonathan aptly called The Age of No Retirement. We’re now bringing our combined experience and energy together to launch The Purpose Xchange – purposeful non-retirement for a better world.

Welcome to your purposeful future.

The Purpose Xchange/ The Age of No Retirement

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