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MUPJ Spring - Summer Newsletter 2018

In this issue

  • MUPJ at American Promise
  • Guest Speaker Sara Jolena Sequoia Wolcott talks about the historical connections between climate change and human violence (MUPJ Workshop)
  • Guest Speaker Alexis Baden -Mayer, Lawyer and Activist.  MUPJ Co-host with Prince George's County Peace and Justice Coalition, (PGPJC's), Greenbelt Climate Action Network (GCAN)
  • MUPJ host Pat Schenck: Criminal Justice Reform Bills
  • MUPJ Joins Cheverly Women's Club MD to Celebrate Black History Month
  • Little Friends for Peace Boat Cruise and Peace Camps

June 22nd to June 25th, 2018.

MUPJ Joined other Progressive organizations at the National Citizen Leadership Conference.

Organized by the American Promise,  the event concluded with lobbying on Capitol Hill.

Renaud Brown Reflects on National Citizen Leadership Conference. June 22nd to June 25th.

This weekend was really rewarding as I see others working towards the promise our representative democracy. I spoke with Paul Levenstein about the Convention nonsense and Booby Lippman and  wanted tp be a part of the break-out on the topic as well as Wining Big Locally: State Ballot Initiatives (there's one in WY), State Local Resolutions. I did get to network with those who attended the lobbying efforts and at dinner Saturday with folks from Seattle, Wyoming, and St. Louis.  Unfortunately many missed the opportunity to engage with the several organizations there.Three 2018 graduates of Marjory Stoneman Douglas were represented and spoke, along with Ted Deutch D-22 of Florida.

Cenk Ugyar of the Young Turks video interviews and links below. 


Here's what GMOM volunteer (below in the blue shirt had to say:

There was a session this afternoon at the NCLC conference, “Amendment Convention: Pro and Con,” with Ken Chestek, Craig Clevidence, Viki Barnes, and Cenk Uygur, playing to a full house.  An online poll was held before the debate started which asked who in the audience held favorable and negative views on the article V convention option.  Among 37 respondents with smart phones and internet connections it was about evenly split. 

When the debate was over Cenk had politely and logically torn Viki apart.  I could tell by the difference in the level of applause after each of their talks, and again after the repeat of the polls taken at the end of the debate.  Cenk clearly won over the crowd!  He did a spectacular job.  I should have the actual poll numbers tomorrow, which had grown more positive toward a convention, but I wanted to give you all a preview tonight.  I hope a recording of the session itself will be available online so you can all see how it went.  I’ll let you know.

It’s been an inspiring conference so far, and the large Maryland contingent is looking forward to lobbying the offices of Cardin, Van Hollen, and Raskin on Monday.


-Renaud D. Brown, MM (GMOM and MUPJ Board member)


The American Promise event concluded with lobbying on Capitol Hill.

American Promise, MUPJ and GMOM Lobbying Day on Capitol Hill.

MUPJ and GMOM Visited Congressman Jamie Raskin’s Office in Cannon House Office Building in Washington D.C. with the group ‘American Promise’. The goal is to act together to win the 28th Amendment, so people, not money, govern in America. On Monday, June 25, American Promise hosted the first annual 28th Amendment Citizen Lobby Day

“In the face of toxic political divisiveness and pay-to-play government, American Promise brings together and empowers Americans of widely varying political viewpoints with a common goal – eliminating the corrupting influence of super PAC and special interest money in politics and securing our rights as equal citizens. Nationwide, we are rising to the challenge, building an unstoppable network and movement, locally and nationally, to pass and ratify a powerful amendment to United States Constitution so that people, not money govern America”.   America Promise. 

Congressman Jamie Raskin U.S. Representative for Maryland's 8th congressional district talked about the Poll tax, elections and the restrictions on how candidates run. He said that there should be some alternate dimension of the constitution, which is about putting people first. He says and Citizens United has been working hard on it. GMOM member introduced their work and thanked Congressman Ruskin for his work. Ruskin acknowledged the work of GMOM and Citizens United and emphasized how close they have come this year to achieve the goals.

Ruskins believed that there is systematic corruption in big corporate money in politics. ‘But I do think that corruption, systemic corruption for organizing political issue, which will be. I mean they just, there's nothing subtle about it. They turned the government into money making operation, friends, family, and business associates. And it's the opposite of what governments can be”.

MUPJ member Andrew Greene thanked Congressman Jamie Raskin saying: “And I want to thank you also for new initiative of bringing families together instead of separating families, which is quite contemporaneous news to the current issues that are happening in America. And that's a bold step”.

Congressman Jamie Ruskin responded by implying that the act of separating families is tyrannical. “Well, you know, it's a hallmark of tyrants that attack and have contempt for the accounting people and trump does. It's all about what can be done for him and his family is
insatiable hunger for approval”

Read more about the lobying day with Congressman Jamie Raskin’s here.

June 10th 2018.

Sara Jolena Sequoia Wolcott, M.Div Presents

‘Don’t forget to ReMember: the historical connections between climate change and human violence’

Connecting the disconnected through holistic histories

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges of our times is the silo-ization of the issues. Overwhelm and wheel-spinning become all-too common. Such segmentation and fragmentation of social justice issues is echoed in our deeper disconnections from place, community, and the work of peace-building. One critical way of breaking down these disconnections is through better – more accurate and holistic – histories. Join Sara Jolena in a ReMembering workshop, where she delves into the history of climate change as stemming from colonization, and in the process makes some critical connections for anyone concerned with deepening their mystical-peace-and-justice-building capacities.
Sara Jolena Sequoia Wolcott, M.Div, is a minister, healer, writer/artist and entrepreneur in service to the Divine Feminine. Deeply steeped in Quakerism, a mystical experience in her early 20s led her to seek to enable the beloved community amidst climate change.

April 15th 2018

MUPJ co-host With Prince George’s County Peace and Justice Coalition’s PGPJC’s, Greenbelt Climate Action Network [GCAN]

MUPJ  Co-host Alexis Baden-Mayer, Lawyer and activist. APRIL 15th 2018. [Planting Peace]: “Building synergy between the anti-war movement and climate change and green economy organizations”. 

March 31st, 2018

MUPJ was host to Pat Schenck: Criminal Justice Reform Bills in Annapolis.

Pat Spoke about the challenges and hopes in the Criminal Justice Reform Bills in Annapolis

March 4th, 2018

MUPJ Members joined the Cheverly Community MD to Commemorate Black History Month

The event took place at the American Legion in Cheverly.

The event commemorated Dr. King who was also celebrated alongside with Barrack Obama and Rosa Sat), who all appealed for peace, justice, freedom and equal treatment. 

LFFP Celebrates on a Boat September 29, 2018 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EDT)

9th Annual LFFP Boat Cruise | No Speeches, No Asks, Just Fun!

LLFP - an evening on the Potomac River to celebrate another inspiring summer of peace camps spreading joy, love, and simple conflict resolution practices to hundreds of youth throughout the country. 

Boat Cruise: The 125 person two level Miss Christin will set sail at 7 pm from the Alexandria Waterfront for a three hour cruise with beautiful sunset views of our nation's capitol, docking back at the Alexandria Waterfront at 10 pm. Your ticket includes a three hour open bar including beer, wine, tasty finger food, and a night of fun with friends, all while supporting LFFP's mission to answer violence with skills for peace. 

Attire: Business Casual 

The boat leaves from behind the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Old Town Alexandria located at 105 North Union Street. The closest Metro station is King Street on the blue and yellow lines. 

Boarding begins at 6:45 pm. We can't wait to see you on board! 

Share this event on Facebook and Twitter. We hope you can make it! Cheers, Little Friends For Peace

Learn more about LFFP here:


LFFP Explores Paths to Peace Through Summer Peace Camps

This summer,  over 550 children, youth and adults explored ways to live and practice peace. Our peace train made stops across the country, with peace camps in Michigan, DC, Virginia and Maryland, and even across the globe, with a special trip to China. 

At each site, our campers and counselors were able to explore different tools and strategies for how to solve conflicts nonviolently and how to maintain personal wellbeing. Each day, campers were exposed to new practices, such as yoga,  mindfulness and cooperative games.

With your help, we were able to give 157  full scholarships and 37 partial scholarships to campers who may otherwise have been unable to experience, learn and practice peace with us this summer.

Download the LFFP newsletter for more information about their activities and kids summer peace camps.

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