How settlers spin black inadequacy and dysfunction to undermine our resistance

[Dr Chelsea Bond, SBS]

Rather than conversing about any number of these aforementioned stories, the mainstream media in so-called Australia decides to reassign us to our usual role as villain or victim, or more specifically rapists and rape victims.

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Chained by the neck and starving photos show reality of Aboriginal life post colonisation

[Alice Webb-Liddall, Newshub]

Photos from national archives show how aboriginal men were chained together before being sold off or taken to work camps as slaves by white European colonisers in the late 1800s.

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Top Design experts feature in 2019 Sydney Design Festival

[by Rae Begley]

With 138 events presented by over 100 partners, the 2019 Festival offers 10 days of tours, workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions, markets, open studios, podcasts, keynote presentations, installations and symposiums. 

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Indigenous leaders support government's CDP reforms

[supplied by Nigel Scullion’s office]

These reforms are the first step towards delivering what remote communities are calling for but the Government will continue to pursue legislative reforms through the Senate to deliver more community control, 85 per cent less breaches and 6,000 new subsidised jobs.

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